Nord's Newsletter

December 21-23

Winter Gifts

Go Noodle Time

Math Rotations


A BIG Thanks to Tammi, Melissa H. Melissa B. and Jenny for coming in today to help with the party. They planned excellent games, a craft and had a delicious frosted sugar cookie made by the Webster cooks. The kids did awesome and had a BLAST.


From my house to yours, have a very merry holiday with your family. I wish you safe travels, family fun, and a time to refresh before heading back to school in January.

Thank you so much for the wonderful presents this year! I really do appreciate your kindness and generosity. I am truly blessed to be your child's teacher. The students did awesome today under the crazy weather circumstances, the hype of the movie & party, and the last day before break. I hope to keep my school bag away until after the holiday then back to the grind again.
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