Navigating the Student Success Collaborative

It is difficult to imagine our campus facing a more extraordinary set of challenges than what we are seeing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This issue of CONNECTED continues focus on specific features of RaptorConnect that can help to manage workflows, support our collective teamwork and foster an integrative approach to student success. During this uniquely stressful time, we hope you and your loved ones are well.

Planning for Impact | Setting Up a Student Support Strategy

Click on the image below to learn how you can use RaptorConnect to plan and implement a student support strategy this Fall semester.

Using Campaigns for Proactive Outreach

Campaigns are an effective way to proactively target key student populations with personalized communication and intervention. By focusing on specific students, advisors are able to maximize the impact of their overall efforts. Use the Targeted Campaign Tracker to help plan your fall 2020 student support strategy.

Click here for step-by-step instructions to create an appointment campaign.

New V2 Standard Reports

Click the video tutorial on the right to learn more and check out the V2 Reports Index to reference new versions of legacy reports and for a detailed description of each report.

Using Reports and Advanced Search for Student Outreach

RaptorConnect is a powerful tool to drive higher retention rates by helping advisors and other student services staff reach students who might otherwise go under the radar. We recommend reaching your incoming students to set them up for success in the new year, engaging with students that are not currently enrolled but were enrolled in previous terms, and identifying students that are on your caseload that you have never met.

Understanding and Designing Interventions for Pivotal Moments

Students encounter a series of pivotal moments along their college journey and how well they navigate these crossroads often can mean the difference between success and failure. While experiences may vary from student to student, there are key underlying reasons why students often struggle at these pivotal moments.

The infographic details pivotal moments students encounter, what can go wrong as students attempt to navigate these moments, and how you can help them on along their journey.

How one college reduced summer melt by 8.6 percentage points in one year

How students at one university honor faculty (in 200 words or less)

How one university restores students’ sense of self-efficacy when they stumble

Get Set, GO! Term Tasks To Do Before Fall 2020

Update Appointment Availability

If you use RaptorConnect to allow students to schedule appointments, remember to update your availability for the upcoming semester, keeping in mind scheduled time off, university holidays and needed administrative time!

It is also very important to check your Outlook calendar to make sure non-student appointments are marked as 'Busy'.

Review Open Cases

Open your Case file, the File Folder Icon on the red side-bar to see Cases that have been assigned to you. Close cases that may have lingered from past semesters.

Update Cohort Lists

Provide the Registrar's Office with any changes to student cohort information (i.e. Honors, Athletics, EOF). Changes made to a student’s university record will appear in RaptorConnect the following day, but the data is only as correct as the data in the student record with the registrar.

"Watch Lists" Are Now "Student Lists"

EAB changed the name of "Watch Lists" to "Student Lists" throughout the Navigate platform. Student Lists can be found, created, or used in several parts of the platform: the user profiles of Staff/Faculty who have created a Student List; the “Lists and Searches” page (found on the left-hand sidebar); within search options in Advanced Search and Reports.

Student Lists are a static group of students that you can continually monitor over time. Student Lists do not change, even if students no longer fit the criteria of the original search. They are useful for identifying a list of students, taking action on them later, or selecting subsets of students from searches for later use to save time and effort.

You can also track the effectiveness of program participation by saving a Student List and using it in the Intervention Effectiveness Tool. If you do not have access to the intervention effectiveness tool and want to learn more, email

Did you know?

You can upload existing Excel lists to create Student Lists in RaptorConnect, including exported lists of students from Population Health Dashboards. (Excel file must be a .CSV to be uploaded).

To Upload an Excel List

  1. Navigate to the Lists and Search page.
  2. In the Actions menu of Student Lists, select Upload Student List.
  3. Create a new Student List or add the students in your list to an existing student list.
  4. Select the file and upload it.
  5. Choose the column that represents Student ID and then finish the import.

Resource Center

Check out these resources provided by the EAB Corporation.

RU (Virtually) Connected?

Do your students know how to connect with you virtually?

Here are few suggestions to incorporate into your virtual communication plan:

  • Encourage students to log-in to RaptorConnect to check for active appointment campaigns and unread messages in their communication folder.

Managing Remote Teams

EAB's managers guide to effectively collaborate virtually with staff.

Running Effective Remote Meetings

How to run effective meetings in a virtual environment.

Request New User Access / Change User Access Form

Please use this form to request or change access to RaptorConnect. After your supervisor’s approval for access, new users must review and agree to follow FERPA guidelines for accessing student data.

Text Messaging

The number of text messages users can send at one time has increased from 50 to 100 students. Please see the new Text Messaging Configuration/FAQ and Text Messaging Guidelines.

User Guide for Communications

Student Messaging Through the Platform

  • Alert Notifications
  • Recording Attendance
  • Case Notifications
  • Appointment Communications

How to Thrive During Peak Advising Times Webinar

As a member of EAB, Rutgers Camden Faculty & Staff are invited to utilize EAB's extensive library of higher education research and resources. To access EAB’s research and resources, you must Click here to create an account.

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