Can't Wait For Napa!

Tentative Itinerary

We are so excited for our upcoming trip to Napa. We thought you'd like to start planning for the weekend so we wanted to share the itinerary with you. Please know, all events are subject to change should the mood strike us!


Meet at Mary Ann's @ 9:30 am

Pedicures in Danville @ 10:00

Head up to Napa

Picnic lunch and wine tasting

Check into our 3 bedroom condo at Silverado

Mexican themed dinner at condo with margaritas-a-plenty


Breakfast at condo

Picnic lunch and wine tasting

Dinner out



Head home

Be sure to pack a bathing suit since we do have access to the pool and hot tub. I'm imagining a margarita induced pool party!!!

The grounds at Silverado are stunning. Pack tennis shoes if you're up for a morning walk!

Looks like we picked the perfect weekend, weather-wise. Right now it shows that the temps will be 84 on Saturday, 89 on Sunday, and 90 on Monday!

Cannot wait to have fun, take lots of pics, and learn from each of you!