the great artist

Background information

-Donatello was born in Florence, Italy 1386

-He was the son of Nicclod di Betto Bardi

-He was not married and had no children

-When he turned 20 he worked in Lorenzo Ghirbertis shop


-Before Donatello was 20 he was recieving commisions for his work.

-He was the most influential individual artist of the 15th century in Italy.

-Over his career he developed a style of life like, highly emotional sculptures and a replutation second only to Michelangelo.

-Donatello's work outside of Italy is extremly rare there is only one relief by him in the United States.

Impact on Today

-Donatello was the powerful expressivity of his art it made him the greatest scupltor of the early Renaissance.

-Florentine sculptor Donatello left an indelible mark on the Renaissance and the future of art itself.

Interesting Facts

-Sometime in 1386 his friends and family gave him the nickname Dontello

-Donatello worked creativley with bronze, stone and wood

-He was a master of techniques and materials