Monday Morning Message

October 17, 2016

Changing the World...

  • Please remember that teachers are responsible for contacting parents to inform them of child study teams and behavior plan meetings.
  • If you have a Reading A to Z account that you are not using, please let me know. We have a teacher that doesn't have an account, but would like to use one. Thank you!
  • The link for Hallway expectations is
  • The link for Cafeteria expectations is

Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT)

  • Thank you to everyone for their quick cooperation today when we had to call for the MERT. We had a student in a third grade classroom who vomited and then became unresponsive. An ambulance was called, and his dad was able to make it to the school before the ambulance left. Dad let us know that he had a high temp. They are running a blood tests, but think it may be the flu. The student was awake and responsive at the time he called and was sad he was missing the fun run!

Dates to Know

October 18

  • Title I Night - 6:00 - 7:00 pm

October 19

  • PLC (8:15)

October 21

  • Fire Drill

October 24

  • Troubadours Assembly


To everyone who was involved in the MERT with the third grade student. Each person remained calm and supported the student in every way possible. I couldn't ask for a more prepared, better team than all of you. Thank you!

My schedule for the week is...

  • I should be here all week.

Fun stuff from the week...

  • "I put a trap outside with a shark in it."
  • "Your mom buys you a new shirt, but you don't like it. What do you say?" - Teacher "What you buy me that ugly shirt for?" - Student (Politeness was the topic)
  • "You don't need to smell your hair."