ROAR! “Kings of Serving”

by: Carter Hamilton

What is the Lions Club?

The Lions Club was founded in 1917. It is the world’s largest service club organization. It has 1.35 million members, and more than 46,000 clubs worldwide. Both men and women can be members. Lions Clubs help people worldwide, with active projects in over 208 countries and geographic areas. Their motto is, “We Serve”. They are best known for fighting blindness.

What population do they currently help?

The Lions Club helps many different populations. One of the groups they help is the youth. They do this by supporting local children and schools through scholarships, recreation, and mentoring. Another group the Lions Club aids is communities following natural disasters. They do that by providing food, water, clothing and medical supplies. They are also involved in reconstruction. Lions Club members volunteer for many different kind of community projects. Some examples of this are caring for the environment, feeding the hungry, and aiding seniors and the disabled. Lions Clubs are known for awarding grants. Since 1968, they have awarded more than $700 million to support humanitarian community projects around the world.

How do they specifically help the visually impaired?

The Lions Club is known for “giving sight”. One of the ways they help with vision needs is by providing vision screenings. Another way they help is by supplying technology to people who are visually impaired. They do fundraisers (like golf outings) to collect money which is specifically used for the visually impaired population. They are well known for their collections of broken or old eye glasses. The Eyeglass Recycling Center is located at the Wisconsin Lions Camp in Rosholt, Wisconsin. This recycling center is one of 19 in the world. Over 450,000 pairs of glasses are collected annually and sent to 49 different countries. All of the glasses are sorted, cleaned, categorized, bagged, and boxed before getting shipped. The Lions Club has three dispatchers and twenty members who transport tissue from the Fox Valley area hospitals to a drop off point in Fond du Lac and transport tissue back to the area eye surgery centers for transplant. The Lions Club is really active during the month of March because it is Eye Donor month.


Humanitarian=seeks to promote human welfare

Mentoring= a person who trains people or tutors them

Scholarships= payments made to support students’ education

An interview with Katelyn Holz, a 6th grade student at Woodland Intermediate School in Appleton, Wisconsin

Q. What did Woodland Intermediate School do to help visually impaired people?

A. Woodland Intermediate School collected old or broken glasses and monetary donations for the Wisconsin Lions Club! All of the donations are going to the Lions Club Recycling Center to make new glasses for people in need!

Q. When did this happen?

A. These donations were collected January 29th, 30th and 31st at 5th and 6th grade lunch periods. They were also donated both nights of the, 29th and 30th for 5th and 6th grade parent- teacher conferences.

Q. Why did you decide to do this?

A. I decided to do this fundraiser because this last summer, the Lions Club had done some amazing things for me and also my family. This was a way I wanted to give back to them by still donating to a great cause!

Q. Who helped you with this good cause?

A. These following 6th grade peers helped me organize the fundraiser:

Hattie Berndt

Mollie Brackett

Laura Carew

Maddie Krause

Ava Christianson

Ally Menting

Emma L

Q.What were the results of your fundraiser?

A. Woodland Intermediate did an amazing job collecting. Overall, we collected 172 glasses and $83!

Q. What are you planning to do with the glasses and the monetary donations?

A. I am planning to give the glasses to the Lions Club to send to the Recycling Center in North-eastern Wisconsin. All of the Monetary donations I'm going to give to the Kaukauna Lions Club for them to use at their own discretion.