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Welcome to the June issue of the Connected Newsletter. This issue focuses on a new feature, My Dashboard and helpful reports to run this month.

Introducing My Dashboard

My Dashboard is located under a new icon on the toolbar. It is designed to help staff to be more productive and strategic when managing their student caseload by providing actionable information about assigned students and an overview of ongoing or recent activity.
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My Assigned Students Widget

  • Students by Support Level: This option displays your assigned students by high, medium, low, or undefined Predictive Support Level.
  • Enrolled in [This Term]: This option displays students assigned to you that have enrolled in the current term, as defined by the SIS.
  • Enrolled in [Next Term]: This option displays students assigned to you that have enrolled in the next term, as defined by the SIS.
  • Appointments Completed - Last 90 Days: This option displays students assigned to you that you have met, or have not met with, in the past 90 days.

Each option lets you view the list of students, making it easy to identify those who may need additional support and to generate an Appointment Campaign, send communication or issue an Alert.

My Assigned Students Activity Feed

This widget is an aggregated list of activity for your assigned students. The activities included in the feed are:
• Alerts Issued
• Case Opened or Closed
• Notes Added
• Progress Reports Added
• Appointment Summaries Added
• Appointments Scheduled
• New student assigned to you

This widget includes a filter that lets you choose which activity types to see in the feed. Filters must be applied every time you open the Dashboard.

My Appointment Summaries Pending

This widget is a list of appointments you had in the past 90 days that do not have Appointment Summaries. In this case, it does not matter if the student you met with was assigned to you or not. Tip: Clicking the student's name opens their Student Profile. You can also see all your recent appointments by selecting the All Recent Appointments link.

Consider Expanding Utilization of Appointment Summaries

Appointment Summaries are visible to the student under the Report Tab accessible from their Student Home Page. They serve not only as a tool to document meeting notes, but also to share information with the student. Consider including helpful resource links or attaching major maps or course selection worksheets. Utilizing the notes boxes on Appointment Summaries, combined with the Appointment Summaries Report, conveniently provides a tool to identify commonalities in 'Referrals Made' or 'Topics for Next Session'. Using the prompting questions, advisors can easily identify and follow-up with students who indicated having difficulty keeping up with assignments or who showed interest in pursuing a graduate degree.

My Appointment Campaigns

This widget shows a list of active Appointment Campaigns you created. Selecting the View All link opens the Appointment Campaigns Dashboard in Navigate.

Each active Appointment Campaign in the list includes the following associated metrics: Number of Students, Appointments Scheduled, Attendance Rate, and Appointment Summaries Created. Use the Student Intervention Campaign Toolkit to plan and manage effective Campaigns!

Are Virtual Appointments Here To Stay?

Before this year, virtual appointments were mostly used for online learners and working adults who were unable to meet in-person during normal office hours. The pandemic changed that. Virtual appointments played a critical role in supporting students and keeping them connected.

Many students (and staff) have indicated that they prefer virtual appointments. In fact, EAB members reported a number of benefits from virtual appointments including, fewer no shows, shorter, more efficient appointments, an increase in the number of students using self-service resources and, believe it or not, better student response to email.

If your office plans to offer both in-person and virtual appointments in the Fall, adjusting service options paired with availability settings in RaptorConnect is an ideal solution. Contact Angela DeRocini before August 1st to discuss your location's appointment scheduling configurations.


Student Info

With the appropriate filters, the Student Info Report will identify REG NOT REG students.


  • Not in Category: Applied for Graduation*
  • Enrollment Term: 2021 Spring
  • NOT Enrollment Term: 2021 Fall
  • College/School: Select appropriate school or "My Students Only"

Consider viewing or adding Categories:

  • Financial Hold Next Term 20219
  • Academic Hold
* After degree conferral, replace "Applied for Graduation" with Category (In None of these) - UG/GR Degree Conferred 2021

Appointments Report

This report can be ran to show students whom you've met with or not met with, within a defined date range. Consider running the report for your assigned case load to show students whom you've not met with this semester, then directly from the results section, send a message, create an appointment campaign or add a note.


The Cases Report may be ran for open and closed cases. Combine filters to include "My Students Only" to follow-up with students who have or had a case opened. Click on the Cases Icon to review all open cases, update comments and close cases appropriately.

Student Enrollments

Want to see final grades for your assigned students? The Student Enrollments Report provides course-level details, including Dropped Courses, Progress Reports and Final Grades! Easily identify students who opted to take a PASS grade, need to repeat a course or adjust their grad plan or did exceptionally well! Using the Actions menu, quickly send a message, schedule an appointment, issue an alert or create a tag for further reporting.


Review and adjust your appointment availability easily via the Availabilities Report. Select the appropriate Care Unit and Location to view established availability. Easily create, edit or delete availability to accommodate your summer and fall schedule and strategically add or remove availability from your Personal Appointment Link. Click here for the last issue of CONNECTED that detailed PALS.

Calendar Statistics

Click Search and if next to your name appears "Service Account", your calendar sync will soon expire. Microsoft will soon stop supporting our current Service Accounts for Office365 calendar syncing. To address this issue, EAB, with support from our OIT department, is migrating to Graph API, a new calendar sync that supports the connection between Outlook and RaptorConnect. Follow the steps below to reestablish your calendar sync, the process takes about 10 minutes.

1) Click the Calendar Icon on the Tool Bar.“Settings and Sync”

2) Under the RaptorConnect logo, click "Settings and Sync"

3) Select “Disconnect Sync…”, then click “Confirm”

4) Return to your Home page by clicking the Home Icon from the toolbar
5) From the yellow alert message, select “Authorize Office 365”
6) Then, select your Rutgers email account for authorization
7) Click “Authorize Office 365…”

You will be directed to the Calendar Settings page, showing a success message and information about the sync on display. It can take up to 30 minutes for the resync to finish. You may continue to work while the resync is processing. If you experience any difficulty, please email for assistance.

Click Here to Request New User Access

Use this link to request or change access to RaptorConnect. After supervisor approval, new users must sign an acknowledgement of Rutgers University Data Policy and FERPA Guidelines before access is granted.


RaptorConnect New Student Online Orientation Video

Video for ONSP's Online Orientation.

New Student Scheduler

Video highlighting the features of the new student scheduler.

Using Activity Analytics

Use Activity Analytics to review and report on key metrics related to activities staff members take with students.

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