Room 104 News Issue 4

December 11th 2015

Remember to join us for our Holiday Concert on Wednesday, December 16th at 6:30pm.

The Kindergarten students will be performing 2 songs. Please drop your child off in Room 102 at 6:15pm dressed in festive clothes.

Lots of nice new sand for the sandbox

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Week in review

It has been a busy week in Room 104. We have been reading and watching The Little Engine that Could and have been thinking about all the things we can already do as well as setting goals of things to learn to do. As the goals are completed we will add new ones. Ask your child what goals he/she is working on right now.

We have also been busy making new decorations for our classroom. We now have lots of lovely paper chains and some sparkly pine cones all around the room. As well as a very cute penguin on the classroom door. The room looks very festive and fun.

Since the concert is coming up we got together with the other two classes and had a couple of joint practices. They are doing very well, I can't wait to see the performance on Wednesday.

Friday afternoon we paired up with the grade 4 class to take part in the Hour of Code. It was very successful. It was wonderful to see everyone engaged and focused on their coding tasks. For more information about this global event you can visit:

Helping Others

Look how much we have collected!

Thank you to all who have sent in donations so far . The last day to bring in food items for the food drive will be Tuesday, December 15th. The boxes will be picked up in the morning.

Happening Next Week

Library book exchange this week

Wednesday evening: Holiday Concert

Thursday: Character Education Assembly to celebrate the children that have consistently shown Kindness and Caring

Friday: Last school of 2015

Spare Clothing

The weather has turned colder and winter is here. This is a good time to review the emergency clothes that are at school. Do they still fit and are they suitable for the season? Please make sure your child's spare clothes are in a sealed bag that is clearly labelled, large ziplocks bags work well.

Please Help

Many of the children in 104 have runny noses at the moment and we are running out of tissues. If you could please send in a box of Kleenex for us to share we would really appreciate it. Thank you so much to those that have already sent in a box :-).

Also, if you could help your children to practise wiping their own noses, putting the used tissue in the compost bin and then washing their hands that would be great and we can hopefully stop the spread of colds.


  • The topic for December's Show and Tell is "Celebrations". The special helper of the day is to teach the class about a celebration that is enjoyed by their family. Tell us about any special foods, decorations, activities etc. that are part of the celebration. Please check the calendar to see when your child's Special Day is.
  • Poetry Folders come home every Friday, please have fun reading the poems/songs together. Make sure the folders come back to school in the mailbag on Monday so we can add the new page.
  • Please label all clothing and lunch containers, so we can make sure they get back to the right person.

Computer Corner

BrainPopjr is very popular with the students in Room 104. They love to watch Annie and her funny robot friend Moby talk about many different subjects. As well as the short movies the site also has follow up games, jokes and activities. There are a few free titles but you need to login to get the full site.

The Login information for our school is:

Username: Joyce1


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