The Egg Drop Experiment

The Beginning

Amiyah and me were given an assignment to have an egg drop! So the point of the project is to build a contraption that will hold an egg and keep it safe while its being dropped from 60 feet in the air! You can't catch it or save it, just let it fall to the ground! We had to do a lot of steps to finish the assignment.

The Brain Storming Prosess

We sat down and thought. We both had really good ideas, But we ended up doing my idea. My idea was to have a 20 cm x 20 cm piece of cardboard as the base, and tape a dixie cup in the middle. We put cotton balls on the bottom of the cup for cushioning, and then put a fake egg in it to experiment with. We put the another cup on top of it to secure the egg, and the first step was finished! The second step was the parachute. We had a plastic bag and tied sting to it. Once all the corners had string connected, we realized that the string was too short. So we had to come up with a back up plan.

Plan B

The sting is too short for the parachute. We had to go back to square one. Brain storming. After about ten minutes of thinking, Amiyah got an idea. She said that we could just tie two pieces of string in the corners of a plastic bag. We thought it was a great idea! Once we finished, we tested it out. But there was one problem. The plastic bag was too flimsy. So we had to start another parachute! We had to scratch that idea off the list. We tried to double layer the bag with another, but it was still to flimsy. So we tried paper. We double layered the paper so it wasn't too bendy. It seemed stiff, but we had no other choice but to keep it. We tested it, and it actually wasn't bad. So we just kept testing, and we realized that it was really good!

Drop Day

The day was finally here. Drop Day! We were so confident that we were gonna do good! The whole class was surrounding the firetruck that would be dropping our contraptions. We had very good competition, so I was a little worried. When it was our turn to drop, I was nervous but confident. The firefighter was on the latter, and was hanging ours in the open. When he dropped it, it was landing slowly and safely. Victory! We ran over to our now safe contraption. We grabbed it and took off the top cup. We were very surprised. It was cracked! We don't know how it happened, but we were proud!