diabetes 101

what to expect if you have been diagnosed with diabetes

how your body works for type 1

in a regular body insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas that essentially gives you energy, the body produces insulin that travels through the blood stream along with glucose that eventually travels to the cell through the glucose transport protein into the cytoplasm, which then delivers it through the body giving you energy. type 1 diabetes is the act of your body not producing insulin at all, making the outcome that you have no energy. a shot will have to be taken daily to give you insulin so your body can function properly and give you what you need to live a healthy life.

what to expect

having type 1 diabetes means you will need to make sure you are monitoring your blood glucose levels to promote your overall health. to achieve a healthy blood sugar level you will need to exercise and eat healthy you ned to limit intake carbs, fats and sodium and drink little to no alcohol. on a daily basis you should consume around 2000 plus calories, carbohydrates need to be 46-50 % of your diet along with far 25-35% protein 12-20% remember to keep sodium levels low and fatty foods mainly out of your diet, drinking water is a very important part of your daily diet to balance out your intake.

Exercising, eating right and healthy coping is the key!

frequently asked questions

*what are my blood sugar levels supposed to be?

between 70-150

*what foods are bad for my health?

eating fatty foods, sugar filled foods, and foods with lots of sodium and salt

*will diabetes affect my entire life?

diabetes will definitely be a change in your lifestyle but once you are acclimated to it you'll be back to normal life.