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March 2021

Social Emotional Learning

Mindful Practices

Hello wonderful Judson staff,

Now is a time to remind ourselves, “just keep going”. In a marathon, it is around the 20th mile that runners decide to give up. If instead we persevere (even though we cannot see the finish line yet) through doubt and exhaustion, we will make it through this challenging time having grown from the experience. Let’s dig deep and find the resilience and fortitude to remain steady. We’ve got this! With this long stretch before spring break, be deliberate and intentional with your time, energy, and resources. How can we best care for our own needs and the needs of others without over-straining? Set a steady pace, drink plenty of water, and rest when you need to.

This is your monthly check-in/update email from Mindful Practices!

For general questions about SEL implementation, your SEL On Demand Calendar, and/or self-care and educator SEL support, please email If you have any questions or tech needs related to Class Catalyst, you can reach Vienna at

The theme for the month is “Building Resilience”. Simply put, it’s all about thriving, not just surviving. Being resilient is a continual process of adapting to challenges. And it can be taught, developed, and built.

Class Catalyst

*Tool Update!* Starting next week, students will have the opportunity to select an SEL video as their individual practice during their Class Catalyst check-in. If you work with students in-person, make sure to have headphones handy :)

Friendly reminder that we will continue to be hosting office hours for staff who would like to connect and get their Class Catalyst questions answered live on Thursdays, 3:00-4:00 pm CT. Click HERE to join via Google Meet.

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Educator Self-Care/Wellbeing Tip

Aim for the Goal

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” - Andrew Carnegie

Setting goals can be a helpful way to focus your energy, effort, and time. By choosing what is most important right now, in the near term, and in the long term, you help ensure your priorities get addressed. Creating and achieving goals is also a simple and practical way to develop and maintain boundaries.

To create a short-term goal consider something you wish to get done today, this week, this month, or even this year. And intentionally decide what state of presence you want to bring to the action (for example, bring an attitude of gratitude to getting your taxes done, or bring a feeling of service to washing dishes).

A long-term goal is something you want to do further in the future. Long-term goals require time and planning. Try working backwards from your long term goals. Think about what you want to achieve then plan steps going back to what you can do right now.

With gratitude,

Michael and the Mindful Practices Team

Judson Staff and Mindful Practices: SEL 101 - March Cohort

Social emotional learning (SEL) has become an integral part of general education over the past decade, and the need for effective training around implementation with students is more crucial now than ever.

Through our partnership with Mindful Practices, we are pleased to announce another installment of their highly popular SEL 101 Training in March 2021! SEL 101 focuses primarily on building and strengthening participants’ SEL competency and implementation skills and is a value add for educators of all stripes (classroom teachers, social workers, counselors, paraprofessionals, administrators, support staff, etc.).

The 10-hour online course will air “live” twice a week but can also be viewed as a recording and will cover the following units of study every Tuesday and Thursday in March:

Session 1:

Self-Care for Educators

Tuesday, 3/2 (90 mi)

2:30-4:00pm CST

Session 2: Trauma-Informed Practices

Thursday, 3/4 (60 min) 2:30-3:30pm CST

Session 3:

Introduction to SEL & Mindfulness

Tuesday, 3/9 (90 min)

2:30-4:00pm CST

Session 4:

Self-Awareness & Singularity

Thursday, 3/11 (60 min)

2:30-3:30pm CST

Session 5:

Self-Regulation & Intentionality (Habits of Mind)

Tuesday, 3/16 (60 min)

2:30-3:30pm CST

Session 6:

Social Awareness & Non-Judgmentalness

Thursday, 3/18 (90 min)

2:30-4:00pm CST

Session 7:

Balance Between Self-Efficacy and Social Harmony & Marginality

Tuesday, 3/23 (60 min)

2:30-3:30pm CST

Session 8:

Putting the Pieces Together: Bringing SEL to Your Community

Thursday, 3/25 (90 min)

2:30-4:00pm CST

Online Format: Participants can attend live or watch recordings of each session at their own pace

Credits: 10 credit hours (CEUs) available through ILASCD (upon request of participant)

SEL 101 is a great refresher for those who have experience, knowledge, and a keen interest in the fields of SEL and Mindfulness. We also welcome those new to teaching, or who may not have familiarity with SEL and mindfulness but are interested in learning more. Not only will participants walk away with new SEL strategies such as movement, breathwork, and self-care practices they can implement for themselves as well as their students, but they will leave with actionable steps on how and when to integrate SEL and mindfulness into their daily lives, both personally and professionally.

Cost: Free with our partnership with Mindful Practices!

● Optional for purchase at a discounted rate: “Everyday SEL” and “Everyday Self-Care for Educators” texts

To enroll, simply complete the Google Form link. Once you sign up, you are automatically confirmed! You will receive an email from Mindful Practices on the dates above with a link to that day's session. All sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend during the “live” session.

Questions? Please send an email to Mindful Practices’ Director of Operations, Erika Panichelli, at using “SEL 101 Training” in the subject line.