What's Happening, Tate?

April, 2021

Dear Families,

It's hard to believe that it is already April! This has certainly been an unprecedented year for students, families and staff. The Warriors at Tate have worked hard to overcome all of the obstacles that have been thrown their way.

With just over two months remaining in the school year it is important that all students are here every day and remain focused on school while they are here. We have a great group of teachers and staff who are here to support student success in order to finish the school year strong.

Finally, I would like to express gratitude to all of the students and staff who have embraced our CORR values (Caring, Ownership, Respect, and Responsibility) that make Tate the special place that it is. These values bring us all together so that we can have a safe and successful school.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call the office (310-688-1080).

Assistant Principal Luke DeVries

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special shoutout to Ms. Hoffman for taking this beautiful shot of Tate in front of a fall sky! :D

Important Dates:

  • Fri, April 16: No School
  • Mon, April 19 - Fri, April 23: ISAS Testing
  • Thu, April 29: Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Mon, May 31: Memorial Day. No School
  • Fri, June 4: Last day for Seniors. Cap/gown pickup 9am-12:30pm
  • Fri, June 4: Senior Awards Ceremony 11:15am
  • Fri, June 4: Senior Graduation Rehearsal @ Englert Theater 1-2pm
  • Wed, June 9: 9th-11th Grade Awards Ceremony
  • Thu, June 10: Graduation 7pm @ Englert Theater
  • Fri, June 11: Last day of school

Congrats, 2nd Trimester Tate Grads!

Congratulations on graduating, Noah Edwards, Nissi Monterroso Ramirez and Olivia Elmore!

Good luck wherever you may go from here.

Congrats on the job, Mr. Aunan!

Congratulations to Mr. Aunan (student teacher this year for Ms. Herrig, Math) on being hired for his first teaching job in Williamsburg, Iowa! He'll be joining the staff at Williamsburg Jr/Sr High School in the fall to teach Math.

We'll miss your presence, Mr. Aunan! They'll be lucky to have you.

At Tate, We honor C.O.R.R. Values:


Way to go March Mammal Madness Winners: Mr. Kelly & Paige Wood!

Dr. Riney brought a new spin on March Madness to Tate this year..

Started by Katie Hinde at Harvard University, March Mammal Madness has been an annual tradition since 2013. The 64-team online contest simulates fight-to-the-death battles between not college basketball teams but you guessed it: mammals.

Congratulations to this year's staff winner, Mr. Kelly, and our student winner, Paige Wood!

..and to the Red Kangaroo for proving its might in this years' tournament

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- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

If you didn't know:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at Tate

The Iowa City School district is implementing SEL practices into school curriculum. At Tate, teachers are able to implement SEL strategies and activities to support students and their needs through our PBIS System.

SEL practices support our mission to maximize every students' well-being. Teachers support students through SEL by creating and maintaining positive and supportive relationships with students, teaching students coping strategies, and creating a safe and equitable environment for all students.

Our goal is for our students to build their confidence and independence to succeed at life beyond high school.

Tate Teachers finishing year of ICCSD Online

As last summer progressed, one thing became abundantly clear amidst all the chaos of 2020: school this year wouldn't look like any other that came before it.

It was soon announced the Iowa City Community School District would be offering a 100% online learning option for all students K-12. Teachers were given the choice to virtually teach for the new Online Academy or return to their buildings under a fluctuating hybrid/online model.

Two teachers from Tate, Ms. Duffy (Science) and Ms. Richey (English), chose to make the jump into the unknown and serve the district's 100% online model.

For Ms. Duffy, the decision was more or less made for her by her doctor. Already having a compromised immune system as someone who lives with Diabetes, the choice was clear to prioritize avoiding exposure to COVID-19 as much as possible.

She's finishing the year as of now teaching five periods of Earth & Space Science to mostly 9th graders. Class sizes vary but they all have at least 25 students (more than 40 at the start of the year!). To hear her tell it, she's had a great time teaching online but is excited about the outlook of returning to Tate next year.

"I can't wait to see my 'Tate'r tots again! Online is cool and all but it's not this," she says, referring to Tate.

It's been fun watching both her and Ms. Richey find success in the online world but we'll be happy to have them back in the building when we do!

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

PBIS points: March

Every day, Tate staff award virtual "PBIS points" to students showing CORR values.

Students are also given a "Mission of the Week". This can be a goal to show a specific CORR value throughout the week such as showing Responsibility for being to class on time or showing Ownership by staying on task in class. Students are acknowledged with "PBIS tickets" that function the same as virtual points.

Points can be turned into the store at lunch for extra snacks and drinks or saved up for bigger prizes like Warrior merchandise.

PBIS points given in March

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In March, over 3,100 PBIS points were given out!

Ownership finally de-throned Responsibility as the most popular CORR value rewarded. Caring and Respect followed behind in that order.

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

student voice

In an effort to include more student-made content in What's Happening, Tate?, Ms Gibson's Ethnic Studies: Identity, Power, Privilege class will be sharing pieces of work throughout the year in a new section dubbed "Student Voice."


Clifton Kelly is a senior who joined Tate at the start of this year.

For this month, he wrote a piece about his experience at Tate so far.

. . . . .

Tate is a good place to learn and get your work done. As long as you got good grades and get your work turned in on time you will be good.

When I first got here I knew a few kids but I really didn’t know the others. It was kinda hard trying to get to class on time because being new here you really didn’t know where to go. Tate is different from City High because that school was really big and it was harder to get to class on time even if you knew your schedule. This school is small and easy to get to all of my classes once I get used to my schedule and used to this school. Once you get used to it you will never want to go back to your other school.

It’s all sorts of activities you can do here during lunch. I’m talking about playing basketball, going to the cardio room to lift weights and work out, you can go to the library to do activities and draw there if you want, you can also catch up on work in the cafeteria or the SAC while you are eating lunch, and if it’s warm enough outside you can go out there and eat or play basketball out there. You never have homework at home. It's always in school either watching videos, reading, or doing in class group conversations about the unit that you are working on.

It’s an awesome school to the point once you go here you are not going to want to go home.

-Clifton Kelly, Senior

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

CORR Warrior(s) of the Month

Every month, students caught exuding CORR values will be nominated and voted by staff to be Tate's "CORR Warrior of the Month".

We had such a big pool of deserving nominees it was decided we'll celebrate 2 Warriors this time around.

Congratulations to this month's winners: Josh Cantua and Rahshae Smith!

Josh Cantua

Year in school: Junior

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Mantra: Tomorrow is another day

Superstitions you have: None

Show on TV Everyone Should Watch: The Promised Neverland

Favorite Tate memory: Playing hockey with Jonathan in PE class..and he fell

Dream job: Astronaut

Nominating staff: Josh is a great example of a Warrior and demonstrates his CORR values every day. He has a positive attitude and works to do better than the day before. Josh is respectful to his teachers and peers. He cares about our school and classrooms by cleaning his area before leaving. Josh is responsible by attending school daily, working hard each class period, monitoring his grades, and handing in quality work. Thank you for being awesome, Josh!

Josh's take: That's cool! It is awesome to be nominated. I like being a Tate Warrior and the teachers because they are respectful to me and responsible.

Rahshae Smith

Year in school: Senior

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Mantra: You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather

Superstitions you have: I'm really particular when it comes to dishes

Show on TV everyone should watch: nothing I don't watch TV

Favorite Tate memory: The award ceremonies

Dream job: to be a OBGYN

Nominating staff: Rahshae shows up to class every single day, engages, produces strong work, and demonstrates leadership & curiosity. She has good grades throughout, and is a wonderful kid to be around!

Rahshae's take: I'm glad to see that all my hard work is being noticed. I like coming to a brand new school with new people. It can be challenging so I like seeing that people who barely know me are noticing all the good things

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

Staff Spotlight - Ms. Barnes

My Role at Tate: Principal Secretary & Registrar

I Hail From: Iowa City. I was born and raised in Iowa City. We lived in Loveland, Colorado for 8 years before coming back to Iowa City to raise a family.

My Path to Tate: I started my ICCSD journey in the Twain Elementary Preschool and enjoyed the little ones for 14 years before having the opportunity to move to Tate High School almost 9 years ago! I can't imagine working anywhere else, this feels like home!

Favorite day/part of the year: I would have to say fall is my favorite time of year. I enjoy the cool weather, color change of the leaves and cheering on the Hawkeye football team!

Someone who inspires me: My parents have been a huge inspiration to me. They have taught me to have faith, treat others with kindness, work hard and enjoy life.

Catch me on the weekends doing: Walking, riding my bike, shopping, playing guitar and hanging out with friends and family.

What I would tell 16 year old me: Life can be hard but stay focused and anything is possible!

My most important CORR value: I would have to say responsibility. We are all responsible for our actions and our actions speak volumes.

"Life can be hard but stay focused and anything is possible!"

-Ms. Barnes

Staff Spotlight - Ms. Gibson

My Role at Tate: I teach Goverment, Economics, Ethnic Studies and Success Center

I Hail From: Iowa City, IA. A graduate of City High School.

My Path to Tate: After college I moved to Arizona to take a position with Juvenile Probation, I returned to Iowa and began working as a Juvenile Court Officer in Johnson County. I decided I wanted to work with students before they became a part of the Court system.

Favorite day/part of the year: I love the fall. When the air is crisp and clear and football games are being played.

Someone who inspires me: My mother is an amazing woman. She raised four children, built a business with my father, then went back to school to become a nurse.

Catch me on the weekends doing: Walking my dog.

What I would tell 16 year old me: Relax, no one thinks about what you do or how you are doing it as much as you do.

My most important CORR value: Respect. If you respect yourself you know the importance of all the other values.

"If you respect yourself you know the importance of all the other values."

-Ms. Gibson

Staff Spotlight - Ms. Fitzgerald

My Role at Tate: Math Teacher

I Hail From: Born in Davenport but raised in Kansas City!

My Path to Tate: I taught in Phoenix, Boston, New Orleans, Denver, and Oakland before moving to Iowa City to be close to my parents. The moment I heard about Tate, I knew I wanted to be here.

Favorite day/part of the year: When the weather is perfect for camping! I love to be outside hiking, walking, and exploring.

Someone who inspires me: My family and students inspire me daily; they give me hope that this world is going to be a better and more empathetic place.

Catch me on the weekends doing: Yard work and gardening--there is always so much to do!

What I would tell 16 year old me: My 16 year old self would tell me: Don't be so hard on yourself. You are worthy, and worth it, as you are.

My most important CORR value: Ownership: It is important to own your identity, your feelings, your truth, and your boundaries. Own who you are, love who you are, and be courageous out there.

"It is important to own your identity, your feelings, your truth, and your boundaries. Own who you are, love who you are, and be courageous out there."

-Ms. Fitzgerald

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Go warriors! Have an awesome april