Career Spotlight

Patent Lawyer

The Job To Have

Being a patent lawyer isnt just sitting at a desk writing boring papers. It is about defending peoples ideas and making sure that no steals that perfect money-making idea. You could with Apple, Intel, or the government. You could make, on average, $113,310 per year. Plus your protected job growth is 7% to 13%. You will not need to worry about losing your job.

What You Need To Make It

Smart And Helpful

If you want to be a patent lawyer you have a lot of school ahead of you. After high school you need to have four years of undergrad and then three years of law school. It would be a good idea to take computer science as well. You need to pass your state bar exam and patent bar exam. Once you become a patent lawyer you need to have lots of certain skills. You need to have good written and verbal communication skills, detail-oriented work habits, persistence, and a tough mind. If you have this, you are ready to be a patent lawyer