The Falcon Monday Message

Week of April 4, 2016

2015-2016 Campus Big Goals

  1. Enhance quality instruction
  2. Create a positive, college centered, campus culture
  3. Support strong academic delivery through effective coaching and feedback

Character Trait of the Month: HONESTY


Coach Dunn

P.E. Teacher

Ms. Short

Teaching Assistant


  • Ms. Clark, Mr. Alcala and Mr. Villegas for helping entering TELPAS data.

  • Mr. Lentz for his leadership in the computer lab during the TELPAS assessments.

  • To 100% of the Specials teachers for getting certified for their content area ACP ratings well before the deadline.

  • 4th Grade team, the 5th Grade team, TAs, and all teachers for GRIT last week: STAAR testing for 4th and 5th Graders was a success! Thank you for ensuring our testing environment was smooth and wonderful for students! Thank you to all teachers for working so hard to prepare your students to be successful on their tests!

  • Mr. Lentz and Ms. Maria Garcia for TEAMWORK: going to student apartment complexes last Thursday evening to meet parents and pass out Pre-K Round Up packets! Shout out also to Ms. Clark, Ms. Alcala, Ms. Thompson, Ms. Contreras, Nurse Shah, Ms. Gloria, and other members of the team who are helping ensure PK Round Up this week is a success!

  • Mr. Burak and Ms. Kruzel for TEAMWORK and EXCELLENCE during testing week! Thank you for your hard work!

  • Those of you who embraced your new role for this week while you covered classes of a different grade level and taught students you don't usually teach! Shout out to Ms. Maria Scully for doing an Awesome job covering for Ms. Rosa Martinez in 4th grade! (See picture)

  • Mr. Mateus for incorporating TPR activities/transitions into his lesson to give students a chance to stand up and move around. (See Picture)

  • Ms. Adriana Martinez for continuing to support her advanced students. (See picture) She had her advanced students working on a project in the hallway while the rest of her students work on the review for the MOCK STAAR in the classroom.

Big image


  • 1C will make announcements all week (3 students report to Mr. Hall's Office by 7:40am)
  • Spots/Feedback: Groups A, B, C
  • Retention Meetings with an Administrator during PLCs on Monday
  • Monthly ARD Distribution Monday
  • Art Performance ACPs for 5th Grade Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Math Common Assessment Tuesday
  • Reading Common Assessment Wednesday
  • Student Survey Training (3rd-5th Grade Teachers) Wednesday in the Library @ 3:30pm
  • Writing Common Assessment Thursday
  • Science Common Assessment Friday
  • FAC/BOC Friday at 7:15am in Ms. Whitlow's Room
  • ACP Film Festival Saturday



STAAR ALT 2 window opens Monday. SPED teachers can sign out testing materials each day as needed.

  • ACP’s

Fifth graders will take the Performance Art ACP this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. ALL teachers should carefully review the schedule in their mailbox for changes in the Specials schedule.

  • Student Surveys

3rd - 5th grade teachers and CIC’s are to report to the Library on Wednesday at 3:15 for training regarding Student Surveys.

  • TELPAS READING (Computer Lab)

2F and 2G will take the TELPAS on-line Reading Test on Monday morning. ALL make-ups will take place in the afternoon.

2F: 8:15-10:00

2G: 10:15 – 12:00


4th/5th Grade: 12:45 – 2:45

3rd Grade: 1:10-2:50

  • Retention Meetings

1st -5th grade teachers will meet with an administrator during planning on Monday.

  • TerraNova/Supera

All Kinder -2nd grade teachers are invited to an informational meeting in the Library at 3:20pm on Thursday. Your friendly neighborhood test coordinators are seeking input about how to structure the test sessions that best meets the needs of your students.

  • ACP Film Festival

The ACP film festival will take place at Adamson High School this Saturday. Do NOT miss out on the opportunity to get an advantage on this assessment.

  • COUNTDOWN TO TESTING: 6 Instructional Days before the Terranova/Supera testing window opens for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd Grade students! 24ish Instructional Days before the next round of STAAR testing for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade students! KEEP CALM & FINISH STRONG!

  • Pre-K Round Up is this week: From 8:30 to 12 noon in the Auditorium on Monday thru Friday this week. Any parent interested in applying for a Pre-K seat for next school year can pick up a packet or submit it this week. Please note: Submitting an application does not guarantee admittance.


  • There will be no PLC's (AGAIN) this week because of the common assessment testing and retention meetings.

  • If you need support or have questions reach out to your CIC individually by email, or text or just hunt them down during your planning period!

  • Data reports for those taking common assessments should be in your mailboxes by COB Friday April 8th.

  • We have a three day weekend coming up!! No classes on Monday April 11th!! Enjoy the break.


  • Please be sure to pick printing up from the front office.