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What Is Involved In Rodent Control Chicago

A rodent is a mammal which belongs to the order Rodentia. Some rodents include beavers, porcupines, squirrels, rats, mice and hamsters. They are distinguished by strong growing incisors and no canine teeth. Property owners can know that their house is infested by rodents if they see rodent droppings, gnaw marks, holes or nests. Eradicating rodents from a house is essential. If they carry out rodent control Chicago inhabitants can ensure that the piping, electrical wires and insulation in their homes is not damaged. Some rodents are disease vectors and by eradicating them, property owners can prevent diseases.

One of the effective rodent control methods is trapping. This method is ideal, especially if you have kids or pets in your home since it does not involve the use of dangerous pesticides. Trapped rodents can also be disposed of easily. Note that if you use poisons to eliminate rodents, they may die in hard to access places and their carcasses will cause bad odors. This will not be the case when you trap them.

In order for trapping to be effective, it is essential to place the correct number of traps at the right places. For instance, the right areas to put snap traps are along the walls or in cabinets because rodents usually scurry along the edges of stairs and walls. Therefore, placing a trap with the trigger close to a wall is effective. A pest control expert can help you trap rodents effectively.

Another way to control rodents is using poisons. However, poisonous substances must be handled with care so that they do not harm pets and children. Since many poisons are dangerous, property owners should hire a licensed pest exterminator to administer them.

You may also take some preventative measures to prevent rodent infestation. One of these measures is inspecting the interior and exterior of your home for possible entry holes. Rats and mice can squeeze through small holes. You should therefore inspect plumbing fixtures or other piping that penetrates floors, walls or ceilings. Check if there are any gaps left under sinks, washing machine piping, dryer vents, floor vents and drains. You can also inspect the foundation for gaps or cracks.

You can seal small holes with expanding foam products, steel wool or caulking. If you choose to use steel wool, make sure that you secure it with adhesive or silicone caulking. You may cover larger holes with metal sheeting, lath screen, hardware cloth or cement. These products are readily available at home improvement or hardware stores.

Regardless of the type of rodent you want to eliminate, it is advisable to hire a pest control expert. Good pest controllers are capable of resolving most infestation problems. They can also handle an emergency. Once they arrive to your home, pest controllers can inform you about the most appropriate method of getting rid of the rodents.

Chicago rodent control experts can also inspect your home thoroughly to check for potential pest problems. They may inspect the attic and other places where pests may hide. They can also inspect the area around your property to find out whether there are pests living near your home. Afterwards, they can remove the rodents and discard them in the right manner. They can also visit your home again to carry out preventive treatments.

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