by Rory Nesbitt

You may think that Frank is a little bit scary, but....

Frank looks very scary but he is so nice. Frank always is kind by keeping all the dogs from breaking loose from the neighbors yard. Frank plays with his friends.

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Good Deeds

  • Once Frank through a big welcome back party for his neighbor when he came back from a long trip.
  • Frank helped make sandwiches for the poor.
  • When everybody was sad because the most adored dog in the neighborhood died Frank took them all to Flordia


Frank is the oldest of three children.Frank has a sister named Lisa and a twin brother named Scary only a couple minutes younger than Frank. Frank's mothers name is named Peggy and a dad named Matt.


Frank enjoys playing football because he is really fast so no one can catch him. Frank also likes going to the beach because he likes making sand castles and loves to surf