Susan Nakagawa

One Strong Women

The Tofu Man: Caring for others

The person I chose to interview was my Grandmother, Susan Nakagawa. At a very early age, she was taught to care for others. She grew up in Hawaii, and because both her mother and father worked, she had to care for her younger brother and sisters. My grandmother grew up poor and her family had to work hard for a living. But she learned the importance of caring for others. The man who taught her the lesson was an old japanese man who sold tofu in her neighborhood.

Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

When my grandmother was a young girl in Hawaii, an old Japanese man would go around her neighborhood and sell tofu. She forgot his name, but he was very nice to her and would give her little presents and food for free. The man had no family of his own. His son was killed in World War ll. When my grandmother was 11, the old man got sick and was put in a hospital for people without family or money. My grandmother and her dad would visit the old man in the hospital and he would be so happy to see them. At first, my grandmother was scared to see so many sick people, but she was brave and went anyway. She visited him often, and whenever she did see him, he was so happy because no one else visited him. One day he died, and my grandmother was sad. But she was also glad that she could repay his kindness at the end.

Caitlin Nakagawa

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