Gateway Engineering Class

Career and Technical Education, Schimelpfenig Middle School

Spring Has Sprung...

Lots going on in the school these days, competitions, activities, testing, social growth. My students are doing pretty well staying on track and I am amazed so many days at the intentional attempts to do assignments to the fullest.

We are working on Mechanisms and Robotics these last two months. It is a time my students start to wear down and the activities keep their attention on learning. We do not have enough time to go over the material repeatedly and their are inquiries that need to be made at home. Any work not finished within the time frame of a class or unit, is homework. It is usual for my Gateway students to not do the necessary investigations and prep before class. Please encourage your children to be curious and seek out the information they may need. Each student is different.

Take a look at G Classroom for links I have posted. There are many good You Tube videos of the projects posted by other teachers that reflect what we are working on in class.

We will have a final exam in June. The exam is 25% of the semester grade. It is not a pass/fail grade. The grade is numeric. Packets will come home soon for help in reviewing the material.

You have good young people in your homes. I have so enjoyed having each and every one of the in class this semester. Smart too!

Free software for 3 years.

Students in Project Lead the Way classes can download Adobe Inventor Pro for free. The key will expire in 3 years. When you follow the link, it will look like you are having to pay, but fear not. Adobe will check for my classes and send you a "key". It is an amazing program from an amazing company, thanks to PLTW.