Creation Of The Public School

Industrial Rev.

Definition of public School

school that is maintained at public expense for theeducation of the children of a community or district and thatconstitutes a part of a system of free public education commonlyincluding primary and secondary schools.

Date when we see this happening?

The first American schools in the thirteen original colonies opened in the 17th century. Boston Latin School was founded in 1635 and is both the first public school and oldest existing school in the United States

What people did before the IR, Famer Work

After the Indrustrial Revolution

The people started to work with machines.

now we can do the famers work faster than before and the children do not need work anymore

Now we do almost all with machines

More information about Industrial Revolution and Public School System.

The Industrial Revolution: A Boon to Industry, A Bane to Childhood

The Industrial Revolution was a good thing for all the children?

about this video the poor families has to much children but they can't go the school because they needed work for their families.

Basically the kids with a couple of economic resources were exploited by the Factories.

All the kids go to school?

now in the world we have too much public school but even the poor families can send their kids to the school because they don't have resources economics, so they have to work in bad condition.