Week of December 10th...

LA Staff News







To do this week:

Upcoming dates to note:

-12/18 1:00 Showcase

-12/19 Christmas Dinner (provided by culinary class)

-12/20 Small Mall in PM

-12/21 Last day/2 hour early release for students. Staff has a full work day.

Building Purchasing Card and Budget Update

Debi is quite gracious in the procedures for using the building card. Please make sure you turn in receipts immediately as well as indicate what you purchased and for what so she knows which line item to take it. Please NOTE: NO building funds are to be used on food for students without permission. There were several unauthorized fast food purchases last month.

We have spent well over our allotted budget for this semester, and next semester we will have increased transportation costs and potential additional costs in partnerships like MindDrive.

Please be mindful of the dwindling budget. Debi is great at "shopping around" to get the best deal, yet would not be able to do so for everything as much as we buy. So, consider discounts, coupons, and cost-effective alternatives. Aldi is a cheaper option than Price Chopper, and Price Chopper is a cheaper option than HyVee. Savers will give us things for free if we make the request in advance.

There are TONS of fundraising opportunities available. It would not be bad for students to assist in the fund acquisition part. This involves a BOE signature, usually, so I'm happy to help any students get these set up. I created an easy to follow document for students who would be interested in helping get a fundraiser going for their project.

Bathrooms at LA

Please make sure students are not using the North upstairs bathroom for any reason.

There are two single stall bathrooms in the cafeteria. These are great options for students seeking more privacy, and there is no gender signage associated with them.

Days of December are here....

But alas, I forgot my notes at school. We will send the details for December to staff. Please encourage kids to participate in any dress up days, too!