Constitutional Limits

By: Natalie Negron

Separation of Powers

The Constitution was made for the people. It was also made for everyone to follow, and to keep the governments from being too powerful. This is called separation of powers. It helps limit the powers of government by each branch checking on each other.

How do the branches check on each other?

  • The Legislative Branch checks the Executive by passing laws over the President's veto and removing him/her from office.
  • The Executive Branch checks the Judicial Branch by nominating judges.
  • The Judicial Branch can checks the Legislative Branch by declaring laws unconstitutional.
This is called Checks and Balances.

Checks and Balances

Checks and Balances was a goal keep any of the three branches from getting too powerful. In this system, each branch of government is able to check, limit , the power of the other two branches in numerous ways.


Federalism was made to set limits on each branch's power. The people who believed the United Stated would not survive without a strong central government were called Federalists. They believed in federalism. They believed that federal law should be Supreme over state law

Why is it important?

These three goals were made to keep the branches equal but not always separate. It still is important today because it helps the government stay equal, and not have too much power. It also helps all of us as a country by keeping us with a fair government.