An Extraordinary End To April!

Day Three

Keep going!

It's hump day but don't let the mid-week doldrums get you down...this is where you may feel like giving up BUT it's also when it really gets GOOD! It's what you do TODAY that's going to determine how the rest of the month will go...keep pushing and BIG things are waiting for you!!!


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Big, small or anywhere in between! Think especially of those ladies you know in network marketing - our Wishing bracelets are the perfect Hostess gift and our engravable necklaces are incredible to show team unity!

What to say:

Hi Chris! I love seeing your business success - you are so inspiring and I love following your story! I thought of you because we have these super cute Wishing Bracelets that are just $19 and this month all the proceeds through 4/30 go toward Autism Awareness. These would be so cute for gifts/incentives for your team! Or - another option - our engravables! We could do your team name or a special word - the sky is the limit! I'm working toward a big goal this month and would love to help you hit the easy button and get these ordered! Let's do it!

Images to include are below!

xo, Krista