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Performance of the LC

Dear AIESECers,

This is the Finance Newsletter:

  • See the performance of the local committee
  • Notice what the other areas are doing
  • Check your team performance
  • Feel the urge to perform

The summer peak is here and we have set the goals really high!


May Goals:

These are the numbers our VP's planned for May.
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How did our LC behaved this month?

This month was difficult for our LC, none of the areas achieved the planned results.

We found several problems that can be held responsible for the lower results:

  • Miscommunication between COMM and the other areas. COMM is essential to achieve the planned results, since it is the area that first establishes contact between our stakeholders and AIESEC. Next month we hope that the cooperation between COMM and the other areas improve so as to boost our LC results :)
  • Withdrawal of several members. Never forget that when you commit to something people are counting on you, if you fail to do your work, or don't do it at all, you will overload the other members, your TL and your VP. Keep up to you commitments, don't give up, you can do it!
  • Very ambitious results and regarded by some AIESECers as unattainable numbers for this month.

oGCDP - outgoing Global Community Development Program

oGCDP you almost reached the 15 raises planned for this month, 80% of the raises were attained. Keep going!
In terms of matches, only 30% were obtained. You can do better!

It was appointed some problems with communication and promotion of our programs that may have undermined the performance of oGCDP.

oGIP - outgoing Global Internship Program

You had very optimistic numbers for this month, but you have falling behind with the planning. In terms of raises you achieved only 1 out of 15, which makes it difficult to match new EPs. Also, there are still some EPs from last year.

Along the month there were found some constraints:
  • Asymmetry of information and limited communication between oGIP and COMM;
  • Insufficient promotion of the programs;
  • Some older EPs have not been very helpful or insightful.

There are still time to catch up with the summer peak! We are counting on you!

iGCDP - incoming Global Community Development Program

This month iGCDP had troubles achieving the planned results.

2020 achieved 35%, Ativa 10% and SwITch 5%.

There were several difficulties for iGCDP this month:

  • MC did not approved the new list of TN's for 2020;
  • Withdrawal of some members;
  • Financial troubles with the schools and companies.

Next month we are expecting a lot more from you iGCDP.

iGIP - incoming Global Internship Program

iGIP could not reach any of the planned numbers this month. This was due to:

  • Marketing/IT: Legacy of a very high average of meetings per raise (10), which iGIP is working on decreasing
  • Education: Financial Troubles from the language schools - iGIP is working on another offer

Besides that, we want to congratulate the Marketing/IT team that had a match that was only planned for June.

Next month we expect to see your results boost iGIP!

ER - External Relations

The Partnerships team has been evaluating our committees' needs to understand what is the right number of partnerships that are required for the short term. They have been preparing a High Potential List of companies for each kind of partnership as well as contacting the companies to schedule meetings.

The Leadership Tournament team has also been working on the High Potential list of companies for the LT and allocating them to our LC (something that is done by the MC). From now on, they will start scheduling meetings too.

LC Account - Cash Flows

Money in the Account:

10 856,62€

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Goals for June!

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Don't forget this numbers, the planning for June is already done.

See you next month :)

Audit Team - Finance

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