Mrs. Guide's 4th Grade News


Read below to see what's happening in ROOM 210:


We are currently continuing our Communities Unit, in this Social Studies based unit we read many mentor texts to help us answer the essential questions of "How do people effect the environment in which they live and How does the environment in which we live effect our lives?" We will read great books about the Transcontinental Railroad and the Erie Canal.

In our small groups we are currently completing a novel study. Through this study we are working on summarizing, comprehension and character analysis skills.

Your child should be reading each night for approximately 20 minutes.


Writing Workshop- The students just completed their Narrative pieces. We are learning about Feature Articles and we will wrap up this unit with a lesson on Editorial Writing. Many students chose to write an editorial to convince you, Mr. Horne and myself of the countless reasons that we should end homework! We have been working on expanding our sentences and using more descriptive words.

We are continuing our Vocabulary/Word study, using Wordly Wise and a Rootword study. Last week we learned about the prefixes il-, ir-, un- and non-. In Grammar, we are studying Commas and Verbs.

Every other week the students receive a Writer's Warm up. They have one week to write this paragraph with the intention being they learn how to plan for a long term assignment and that the paragraph is in FINAL form, typed and free of errors.

Your child can practice grammar at home online using the website


We are studying Area and Perimeter. You can help your child at home by having them work on IXL on the 4th grade skills P.4, and BB 1-11 as well as practicing their facts on The students have their login and password for both IXL and Xtra Math on the inside cover of their planners.


We are working on our Life Cycles Unit, we have planted and we will watch the development of the Wisconsin Fast plant. Your child planted a control and an experimental plant. They were able to choose if they wanted their plant to go without fertilizer or limit the light for the experimental plant. We are measuring and charting the changes of these plants as they progress through their life cycle. We will also study the life cycle of bees.


The State Fair projects have begun. Your child came home with the Project Guidelines sheet and calendar yesterday. The Calendar has all of the project due dates as well as the date of the performance. The front side of the Project Guidelines has the required projects and the additional projects are listed on the back. The required projects will be introduced each week and the students shouldn't start on these until they are introduced each Monday. The additional projects have all been introduced and they can work on those at any time. Encourage them not to wait until the last minute with these projects. We will spend a little time each day at school working on our State projects. The first two required projects, The Circle book and the Data sheet are due this Friday. When the students finish a project they should turn it in, it will be graded and returned to them. They should have a safe place to keep their projects. We have told the students that they shouldn't start to assemble their posters until they have completed all of their projects. The students are very eager to learn about their states!

The Spring Book Fair is tomorrow, Thursday, April 27th, our time is from 1:30-1:45.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to call or email me at anytime.


Christine Guide

630-861-4200 Ext. 4252