Early Childhood Newsletter

Region 7 Education Service Center - 1/20/2017

SAVE THE DATE! 2-13-2017

All entering kindergartners' readiness levels must be assessed during the first six - eight weeks of school. The newest state approved readiness test, Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment (TX-KEA) is being launched on February the 13th. What will it look like? How will it be administered? What will be assessed? Want answers? Join us for a FREE luncheon and overview of the Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment, provided by CLI Engage. Please click the button below to register.

Site Visits and Support

Did you know that I am available for site and district visits?

  • Site or district specific trainings
  • Co-teaching and modeling best practices
  • Collaborative Coaching

How does co-teaching work? The classroom teacher identifies a strategy or specific skill that he or she would like to try or improve. We will exchange emails or calls to identify resources and discuss strategies. During the visit, the teacher and I will be side by side. The classroom teacher will teach the lesson and I will interject supportive suggestions as needed. Should the teacher desire, we can "switch" roles during the lesson. After the lesson, we'll debrief and decide our next stepsl.

What is collaborative coaching? During Collaborative Coaching, I work with your grade level team. We meet together, look at data and work samples, and develop a team action plan with goals in a specific content area. Afterwards, I spend 20 - 30 minutes in each classroom and offer feedback. In about a month, we'll repeat the process. During our subsequent meetings, we'll look for evidence toward our action plan goals.

If you would to schedule a visit, please contact me!

Early Childhood Sessions Coming Soon

If you are unable to locate the session, please try again next week.

2/14 Putting it all together: Integrating with Social Studies, #063322, Cypress

2/21 Literacy for the Little Guys, #063326,, Cedar C

3/1 Putting it all together: Integrating with Science, # 063378, Pecan

3/6 Planning Culturally Aware Family Engagement, #063511, Birch

3/9 Writing Strategies in Early Childhood, #063201, Cypress

3/14 Beyond the Kitchen and Blocks: Effective Centers, #063227, Pecan

3/20 PK Guidelines and Best Practice, # 062941, Aspen

3/27 Big Math For Little Hand, #063217, Cypress

3/31 Assessments and Progress Monitoring: When and How, #063223, Pecan

Rhonda Lemon

ECE Specialist