Grade 3 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Friday 19th September

Virtue of the Week

Next week our virtue is Diligence.

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Language Arts

In spelling this week, we have been learning how to use an apostrophe to spell contracted forms of words. E.g. can not = can't

Next week, we will be looking at suffixes.

In Grammar this week, we learnt about using verbs in sentences.

Next week we will be looking at sentence construction.

In Language Arts, We have been continuing with our newspaper topic - looking at features, headlines and articles in both paper and online newspapers.

Next week, we look forward to starting to draft and write our very first newspaper reports. We will be planning our articles, ensuring we focus on the 5W's. (Who, what, where, when and why).

In our Reading Café lesson we will be acting as journalists to take notes on the 5ws and continue to develop our comprehension skills through summarising news reports.

Take a look at this website to develop your knowledge and understanding of newspaper reports.

3KHa talking about a newpaper article which they enjoyed reading.

IPC Unit of Work

This week in our IPC Unit of Work, 'Active Planet', the children have been working on many research techniques and have been looking at how to carry out research effectively, and then how to record facts succinctly.

Children from 3KHa have become tour guides where they are researching information about their chosen volcano. They are producing leaflets to attract you to their chosen hot spot! Hope you book your flight to these destinations, as they all sound like exciting places to visit.

3TCO have been exploring maps. They showed their determination and diligence learning more about how to read maps and locate geographical features. They can now locate the Ring of Fire and which countries are located within it.

In 3SGe, the children used a fact File orientation to take down information that they had found.

3CMu have been spending time rehearsing for their class assembly which is today. They have been reporting from different volcanoes from around the world.

Next week we are going to continue with some research and show that we are able to use secondary sources to obtain geographical knowledge.

3TCo having great fun exporing maps to find geographical features:

3KHa made tiles as if they were excavated from Pompeii after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius

3KHa creating their own leaflets about a volcanic area:


We have been working on our 6, 7 8 and 9 times tables. We have been looking at ways multiplication and division are linked.

Next week, we will be using our knowledge and understanding of multiplication and division to develop our problem solving skills. We will be using equal-part models to solve word problems involving multiplication and division.

We started our mental maths challenge and our winners were presented with their badges in assembly. We continue with this every week. Well done everyone...keep it up!


For spelling, the children will be learning words that are connected to the spelling rules of suffixes.

Children will need to produce ten 'super' sentences in their spelling homework book using these words.

The Maths Homework will be given out on Monday. Pages to be allocated by class teachers.

For Reading we encourage your child to read to you at home as often as possible.

For Language Arts we would like the children to continue to look at newspapers and bring in interesting articles and headlines.


On Wednesday 24th September the children's Chinese lesson will be at 8-8.40am. There will be no morning assembly.

On Tuesday 30th September, parents are invited to attend the Maths model workshop led by Mrs Chua at 7.45-8.15am. This will be in the ES Hall Dance Studio. Attendance is advisable.

We would like to welcome you to our Grade 3 Celebration of Learning on Tuesday 30th September 8.20-9.00am where we look forward to showing you all the wonderful work the classes have been doing this term. The children's Chinese lesson will be at 9.20 for that day.

School is closed for Hari Raya Haji on Monday 6th October.

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