How The Media Impacts Teens

By Ayden Duke


A Violent Influence

Source #1: Sutter Health Palo Alto Medical Foundation


The media can affect teens in a negative way. Say that they see a movie with lots of violence. They could then go out on the streets and kill because they think it’s cool.

A Marketing Trick

Source #2: Raising Children


Many ads target kids because when they see the and, they will pester their parent to buy it. Therefore, the companies get more money.

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Body Image

Source #3: Our Everyday Life


Statistics show that most models on TV are thinner than 98% of women. This could get teens to worry about their image way more than needed.


Raising Awareness

Source #4: Mom Junction


The media isn’t all that bad. There are some good things about it, like raising awareness. With the media, teens don’t have to be always in a bubble. But with exposure to various media outlets, they can develop awareness about society and the world.

Buliding Confidence

Source #5: CNN


Social media helps build a teen’s confidence. When they post something on a social media site and they get comments that say “omg ur so awesome" or something similar, it will help their self-esteem.


How Does The Media Impact Teens?

The media impacts teens in many ways. It impacts them positively and negatively. Teens are impacted positively by comments made on their videos. Say they post a picture or video and someone comments a positive thing on their post. This can help to build their self-esteem. However, it can also negatively affect teens. They see violence in the media and this can affect their thinking.