Ssr project

Abril Morales

The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

This is one of my favorite book because is like a action book and is about four kids that in the and they fight to save a weird cuntry called Narnia. The author is C.S. Lewis, he is know for fictional work, specially for the books Chronicles of Narnia.

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Tunnels have a lot of pages, but is really intersting. This is a mystery you book, I like this book because I love mystery books. This book is about a guy and his further that found a tunnel in a tunnel. Then Will's father got lost in the tunnel, but they did not know that there were like weird thing that eat people like zombies

Wimpy kid: Rodrick rules

I like this book because is funny. This book is about a kid that enters to a new school year. The author is Jeff Kinney. This book is a little bit about how student act in their first day of school, and what they do in house
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I learn this year I learn some of words in laguage when I was reading with book club. When I read and English and sometimes I don't understand the word I translate and then I know what is it. I use a lot in my reading vizualize and schema, because I think they are the most easiest to use and undertand.

Visualized helps to understand a lot the book because sometimes I'm confused and I don't know what that word means, and when someone ask me for something and I don't know what it is the show me picture and then I can understand it better. Schema help me when I hear something that like problems that happen in the word, I connect with what happen in the word then, I can undertand it more.

I learn a lot with my writing becaus when I get here I did it know how to write a lot of word, I still don't know some words. The sentences that we did in this year help me a lot with my writing and I learn some word too. I learn a lot of stuff this year and I hope next year I can learn more.

Write to learn

I like to read about something that it can really help me to learn thing for school. I think reading is not important because reading is boring and that we don't need to read if we don't want, but I learn that there are other ways to read like, farming, plants and types of things . Reading helps you to learn more thing and if you don't want to read book, you can read the news. If you read a lot and learn a lot of things, you can help other kids I your family why is reading important and why you need to read. Reading helps me to study for the test like if a read something about what is my test about I can use some of that so I can have good grades.

I think that watching the TV or playing video games is not bad but is not good too because watching or playing video games never going to you learn something. People think that waving the TV is better than reading or learning something, but if on you have kids and they ask you a question may you would not know that. Playing games can damage you eyes for playing a lot. I really don't like to play games a lot because then I can be addicted, then I can not be a learner.

Something that get student to read is that teachers can give them a book, so they can take the book home and read it when they have time. They can also ask question about what they like and then teacher can find some book about that. Teachers star practicing the reading with the little kids are that really good. If the parent star reading with them like three-year young, they can be more interested in reading.