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Volume 2, Issue 32: May 3, 2019

This Week


Please read the information in our newsletter below and let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend!

-Ms. Kate Martin

mSTEP & MAP Testing


We are entering that time of year when we begin thinking about the mSTEP assessments. Here is a Parent's Guide to mSTEP testing you may find useful.

4th Graders

ELA: 5/6

Math: 5/8


Our Spring NWEA MAP Tests are approaching. I can't wait to see all of the growth the students will show. The 4th and 5th graders will test with their homeroom teacher. Ms. Martin's MAP testing dates are:





Leadership Team Food Drive

The Leadership Team is excited to announce that we will be having a second Food Drive before we wrap up our school year. As you know, summer can be a very tough time for students who are not food secure because they will not be getting schools meals each day. Our goal for this fundraiser is to help Avondale Blessings in a Backpack stock their shelves for summer.

The food drive will begin on Monday, May 6 and last through Friday, May 17. Each grade level/ group will be responsible for bringing in a different item (ours is listed below) and the group who brings in the most items will earn an extra recess and popsicles (generously provided by the PTO).

Our Food Drive Items:

Gierman/Martin-Canned soup

Let's FILL this box to the BRIM!!!

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Pictures of the Week

This Week...

Math: Students continued in their math groups.

Purple group - working on unit 4

Yellow group- finishing unit 10

Green group- finishing unit 10 and beginning 11

Orange group- working on unit 2

Social Studies/Science (5th): We began our unit on the American Revolution. The students will have a quiz on May 10. After that we'll be enriching our unit with a Mock Trial!

Reading: We continued with book clubs (the students already have their new novels and job sheets!) and our reading workshop times. We also continued our reading unit with the William and Mary GT Curriculum titled "Patterns of Change".

Writing: We finished a unit on expository/informational writing. The students have been learning to use their rubric to help them determine revisions. Here is what the students are doing: Directions Sheet. Students are published! These turned out so amazing... The students really worked hard to make the content interesting, factual, and visually stimulating!

Enrichment: We started a new enrichment project!

Looking Forward to Next Week...

Math: Students will continue their in their math groups.

Social Studies (5th): We will continue our adventure into learning about the American Revolution! We'll finish learning about the content, then will be starting to prep for a Mock Trial!

Reading: We will continue book clubs (the students already have their new novels and job sheets!) and our reading workshop times. We will continue our reading unit with the William and Mary GT Curriculum titled "Patterns of Change".

The students will also receive a NWEA vocabulary list instead of a root word list to study for a quiz Friday. We will also be reviewing our goal setting for NWEA.

Writing: We'll be integrating science and writing! Students will learn about how to write a scientific paper. We'll begin with lessons reviewing the scientific method, then the students will actually design and complete an experiment, collect the data, and then use that information to write their own scientific paper.

Enrichment: Enrichment 5.0 is in progress!!!! No Google Slides allowed :)

We Are Entering the Podcasting World!

We are starting to learn more and more about how creating our own podcasts can integrate new technology but also share our learning and ideas with the world!

What is a podcast? Click here!

Aly and Annabel were my guinea pigs this week! Aly has been doing some extension work with fairytales - here's her podcast on fairytales from other countries! Annabel read her expository essay about Middle Colonies - here's her podcast!

We will be adding more (it's SO easy!) to our class podcast page - so check back soon!

Avondale GATE PTO Information!

Current Avondale GATE families,

Please click the link to learn about the GATE PTO candidates that are running for a position.

May 14th: There will be no need for ballot elections - our only contested position, the volunteer chair, will be led by a trio!

After this meeting and elections are completed: The Avondale GATE PTO will be officially formed and stay under Woodland's guidance until the summer.

Positivity Project - P2


Having a clear sense of purpose in life, and a belief that you’re connected to a larger meaning, gives individuals strength. It allows them to persevere and find courage in trying circumstances, or lead with kindness and love even when it’s not reciprocated. Those with a sense of purpose have more meaning in their life – and are more fulfilled.

On a group level, purpose can be a powerful aligning element. It gives people a reason to continue on in hope and optimism, despite difficult circumstances. The sense of connection between people further strengthens their individual resolve and focus, which fortifies the group. When a group of individuals believe in something higher than themselves, their work can be exponentially greater.

Upcoming Important Dates

Normal School Hours: 8:32 - 3:39 (GT dismissal 3:34)

Half Day Hours: 8:32 - 11:45 (GT dismissal around 11:40)

Early Release: 8:32-1:39 (GT dismissal around 1:34)

Late Start: 10:32-3:39

  • May 8: Volunteer/Staff Luncheon @ 10:45am
  • May 9: Woodland Art Show/Ice Cream Social @ 6-7:30pm
  • May 10: HALF DAY-Teacher PD; Mother/Son Game Night @ 6-8pm
  • May 14: PTO Meeting @ 7pm
  • May 21: 5th Grade Music Concert @ 7pm
  • May 27: NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day
  • June 6: Kindergarten Music Concert @ 2:45pm
  • June 7: Field Day
  • June 13: HALF DAY - PM Records
  • June 14: HALF DAY - Last Day of School
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Ms. Martin's Student Handbook 2018-2019

A paper copy came home with your child within the first week of school.

Volunteering Spreadsheet

Add your name in if you'd like to come in and volunteer!

Meadows Transition/Avondale GATE F.A.Q.

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