Mrs. Haas' Third Grade News

January 31, 2016

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We will spend time at the beginning of the week reviewing figurative language terms such as hyperbole, personification, simile, metaphor, and idiom. The kiddos will look for examples in a variety of text. We will also learn about first person, second person, and third person point of view. The students will learn about key words that help you determine what point of view the author is writing from, and we will practice writing from each point of view.

Writer's Workshop

I've loved reading through the students' persuasive writing as I sit and conference with each of them. They have some great points to back up their thoughts. We are finishing the publishing stage this week. Students will have all week in class to wrap up their project. All persuasive writing is due next Monday. Be sure to check in with your third grader to see how they are doing. Students may have to complete their project over the weekend if they don't finish by Friday.


We've been busy exploring fractions. The students are doing a great job learning about parts of the whole, numerators, denominators and unit fractions. This week we will learn about benchmark fractions, which help with measurement. We will also learn how to put fractions on a number line.

We will focus on the 6s during our multiplication and division timed test this week.


We spent time exploring force and motion with several science experiments. We will complete two more experiments this week.

Social Studies

We will head to the library this week to begin a research project. Students will be researching a famous jazz musician. Students will create a timeline to teach us about the person's life.
Use the link above to see the wonderful Egg Drop presentations the students created using the app Shadow Puppet.