T-TESS Implementation Support

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T-TESS Support Team is here for YOU!

We are excited to support your district, campus, administrators, and teachers through this state roll-out. Please let us know how we can best team with you to make T-TESS successful for everyone.


Edie Martin, Jennifer Baadsgaard, Wes Jackson, and the ESC Region 11 T-TESS Team

T-TESS Roll Out: What can I expect?

TEA has provided an Implementation Guide to be used by districts and a phase-in guide for campuses to see how they are progressing during the first year of implementation as well as guidance for years two and three.

T-TESS Roll-out: Policy Considerations

As we prepare for the full implementation of T-TESS, here are some guiding documents that will help with the decision making regarding policy changes including the new Chapter 19, TAC 150, Subchapter AA Commissioners Rules; the T-TESS Calendar year at-a-glance; the Teacher Appraisal Timeline; and T-TESS Recommendations vs. Requirements document.

T-TESS Roll-out: Building Capacity

TEA has provided several documents that will support both teachers and administrators in this roll-out year. Included are the Teacher Handbook, that further elaborates on the domains, dimensions, and descriptors; the T-TESS Skill-Dimension Crosswalk which shows the impact emphasis on specific skills might have on the T-TESS Dimensions; and the T-TESS Calibration Protocol which can be used to insure that appraisers/observers are calibrated in regards to the scoring of dimensions.