Ohio The 17th State

By: Allys

The Buckeye State


Welcome to the Buckeye State!Ohio has many famous people and inventions!Ohio actually became a state in March 1st, 1803!Columbus is and has always been the capital of The Buckeye State!

Ohio has great samples of land to move to!

Ohio's Land

Ohio is known for it's rolling hills and beautiful skies.It has many lakes and rivers,some of the rivers names are Muskingum,Hocking,Scioto,Little Miami and Great Miami.There are 2,500 lakes in Ohio.Ohio's highest point is Campbell Hill,1,550.

For the love of buckeye!

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Buckeye Nuts

People call them Buckeye nuts because they look like the eye of a Buck!
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State Food

People of Ohio make peanut butter balls covered with chocolate to make them look like...Buckeye!


Most people of Ohio work as farmers or miners.The farmers grow corn, soy beans,n hay, wheat and oats.The miners mine coal, smashed stone, and other cool valuable stones or rocks
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Famous People

Ohio has many cool inventions like the airplane invented by Orville and Wilbur Wright and the 7 presidents that were born there.