I Am Malala

Chapter 9 Candy From The Sky

What Happend

In this chapter the swat army came to swat to rescue them from the Taliban. Almost 1 and a half years they had taken to get the Taliban to retreat and go back to their hide out.

Malala's Point Of View

Malala feels scared, terrified, woried and happy because the army didnt defeat the taliban yet they just scared them of soo malala is still frighten that they will come back to swat.
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My Point Of View (Luis)

I feel that the Pakistan army did the write thing I also feel that I would feel that same way Malala feels because if these things were happening in my neighbor hood i would also feel frightened and terrified i also think that the Pakistan army should have come earlier because these thing that were happening were going on for a long time .
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My Point Of View (Christopher)

I am happy for swat and for the pakistan army for scaring away the Taliban but still worried for swat because i think that one's the army leaves than the taliban will come back to terrories swat and maybe even take full control over it.

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