Ms. Arsenault's Weekly Update

March 14, 2014

Functions Test Reassessment

We have gone over almost all of the Functions test together in class. Students have had some eye opening moments about the amount of work that is required to be shown when completing a multiple choice test. Please continue to encourage your student to ALWAYS show their work!

Most students have started the reassessment assignment during class or in Ms. Anthony's Study Skills class. They are required to turn it in for a grade before they can reassess the test. The reassessment test is ready for the taking as soon as they complete the assignment.

Please encourage your student to make this, as well as any other reassessment test they may need to participate in, a priority as tests count for the largest percentage of their overall grade.

NTIs and Corrections

I have created folders in my room for students who have any NTIs or work that has been completed but needs corrections. Students can access this folder during homeroom, extended homeroom, specific times during class, before/after school, and in Ms. Anthony's room.

Ms. Anthony has made me aware that several students are not taking advantage of this opportunity in her classroom. Please discuss with your child the importance of turning in missing work and making the corrections on the work that has been turned in.

These folders are designed to help your child to improve their grade while at the same time reinforce the skills taught in class that have not been mastered yet.

I encourage all students to come in as often as possible in the mornings or afternoons that I have available so that they can work on these assignments.

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