From Coco Beans To Choclate

By: Benjamin Isaak 3Sr


Did you know that chocolate can help heart diseases? It's a good and bad food and it doesn't give you cavity's. It also doesn't make you hyper .People eat chocolate and most people love it do you like chocolate?


Coco bean's are planted and once they grow farmer's cut them off with a tool like a sword. Once that is done they cut them open and pull the seed's out. Right then the seed's are white with pulp. then they dry them brown.


Once they are dry they are taken to a factory by trucker's. when it is get's to the factory the coco bean's are romooved for the inner part called nib's. The nib's are crushed making it a lickwid. Once that is done it is put in a machine that mixes it so it is smooth. Then it is put in a metal container's and it is cooled.


1. Chocolate used to be a licwid called chocolate.

2. You have to add dried milk and sugar to make milk chocolate.

3. Chocolate has been taken to space for the astirnot's diet.


Now you know were chocolate comes from, how it's made and what's in it. why don't you go home and tell your family.
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