closest planet to the sun

Fun facts of mercury

Did you know Mercury has 88 days in one year? Also they believe that it is 4.5 million years old.Mercury is small as the earth's moon.Also Mercury is 4,879 kilometers from the equator. They have only send two space crafts to Mercury. Next Mercury has 38% atmosphere. Also message probes were send in 2004 and 1974 to 1975. Also Mercury has a atmosphere that changes with its distance to the sun.


This is a picture of mercury moon
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facts about mercury

1.Mercury does not have rings

2.Mercury has one moon

3.The temperature is 801 f and 279 c is between Venus and the sun

5. Mercury is a inner planet

6. Mercury is a solid planet

asteroid crash in mercury

This is picture of a asteroid crashed into Mercury.
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Here are cool facts about Mercury

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