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  • Sounder shows courage because he chases the waggon too get master.Mother sows courage because she shows no fear when father is arrested Father when he lays under limestone all day have paralyzed.Boy he shows courage by waiting for his father too get out of prison.

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  • A poor person who steals food should not be put in jail. I disagree. Why I feel this way because they can't afford it but there like everybody. they need food and stuff too but they need to get job. they can't buy stuff like the rich the middle class can they still should have to pay.they have to pay because we're wasting taxes on food for stores and the poor are stealing the food so that way we're not paying for food poor are getting free.

citations for sounder and the story

2015. Martin Luther King's Dangerous Friendship - Culture –

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  • Video of pet/human relationship (sounder and his master)My Monkey Baby.Summary the video shows how too family takes care of the baby monkey just like a child.the family dresses the monkey with expensive clothes toys the monkey even has a phone.the baby monkey goes in stores parks i imagine even church.the monkey gets feed from a bottle like a human child.
    1. Similar too sounder and master.


  • the friendship was dangerous because he could of died.he could of been assassinated by his friend. he could of died because of the guy he didn't trust. he didn't want to e left alone because the man could have killed him.

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  • the fathers both owned dogs Reason they both died by there dog Differences The father was older than the father.This family was caucasian/white and this story is in a more modern day too. this father was an older man and he had a heart attack then the dog died after.