The Lance

November 16-29

Thank you Lakeshore Middle School Familes

Our Food Drive collected nearly 6,000 items for local food pantries in our local Southwest Michigan Community. While we did not reach our school goal of 10,000, these 6,000 that we did collect will fulfill a great need. Kudos to Mrs. Hooper and her students for all of their hard work in organizing and facilitating this fantastic event.

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Student Recognition for Positive Behavior

Upcoming Dates and Events


  • 6th grade Honors Assembly, 7:40 MS gymnasium*


  • 7th grade Honors Assembly, 7:40 MS gymnasium*


  • 8th grade Honors Assembly, 7:40 MS gymnasium*


  • No School


  • Happy Thanksgiving!


  • No School


  • School Resumes, 7:40am

*Phone calls to Honor Roll students went out Saturday morning.

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The Positivity Project

This week and next students and staff will be engaging in dialogue and activities around gratitude. Joe McDonough, a principal in NY, wrote an article published by The Positive Project titled The New Science of Gratitude.

You can access the character card for gratitude here. When we return we will focus on the Other People Matter mindset and how our words and actions affect those around us.

Check out the Positivity Project's website for more information.