Welcome 6th Grade Families

Mrs. Personette's September Newsletter

Welcome Class of 2023

Welcome families to IS 24

I am Mrs. Personette, your child's grade Assistant Principal. I will be working with the Class of 2023 students and their families throughout the next 3 years. Also on my team is Mrs. Lanza, Dean and Mrs. Weidlein, Guidance Counselor. We are looking forward to meeting you all in person.

As both an administrator and a parent, I understand how the uncertainty can be extremely nerve-racking. Our staff has been working very hard to be sure that our 6th-grade students transition is a smooth one. Please be patient with us as we navigate these uncharted waters. We will continue to share important information as it becomes available.

There are several platforms the Barnes family utilizes to communicate with families including pupil path, Band app and Instagram.

*Join our #24DoesMore group on Band. You can find the link here: https://band.us/n/a7ac3730v8x4L

This week on Tuesday, September 15, at 10:00 am Mr. Santamaria and Mr. Borrero will be hosting a live broadcast through our Band app.

I.S. 24 school Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/24prideofgk/

Mr. Santamaria Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/lsantamaria24/

Mrs. Personette Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/ap_personette24/

Mrs. Lanza Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/deanlanza/

Mrs. Weidlein Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/mrs.weidlein/

*You can also view the IS 24 web page to find out important information by clicking this link: https://www.barnes24.org/

Our Spock is still finalizing the Google accounts. On Tuesday afternoon, we will release a link that will allow you to gain access to your child's google account as well as pupil path information. Talents have been assigned to students and programs are being finalized.

What to expect September 16th-18th.

As per the DOE, September 16th through September 18th will be a Remote Engagement Orientation. This time is dedicated to check-in and connect with your teachers, technology supports, introductions, expectations, allowing families to check connectivity to DOE devices which were loaned, sharing health and safety protocols with students and families. Instruction does not begin until September 21, 2020.

Asynchronous vs Synchronous Learning.

Synchronous instruction is defined as live interaction between the teacher and a student or students each day at a scheduled time, communicated in advance to parents and students. Daily synchronous instruction can be offered to the whole class, in small groups, or with individual students and when appropriate may include engaging caregivers to help students participate. Daily synchronous instruction may include but is not limited to the use of Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, other DOE approved and school-determined online video conferencing platforms, and phone conferences to provide synchronous instruction in the following areas:

  • Whole class, small group and/or individualized live instruction
  • Regular, dedicated time during which students and/or families can connect with teachers and get help with instructional activities (“Office Hours”)
  • Daily activities that promote students’ social and emotional wellness
  • Feedback on student learning and work progress check-ins with students
  • Conferences with students or families

Additionally, the impact of a student’s disability and individual needs for accessibility and accommodations must be considered when delivering synchronous instruction to students with disabilities.

Asynchronous Teaching and Learning

All learning materials for students will be uploaded in the school’s chosen learning system (e.g., Google Classroom), including daily messages and directions given to students, assignments, and learning resources. Students will be expected to log in daily and read the daily messages and complete tasks as assigned by the teacher.

  • For students and families, communications, assignments, and resources will be made available in the school’s chosen learning system and available 24/7. While work can be completed at any time, students must submit work by due dates identified.
  • For teachers and principals, coordination of required asynchronous work will be made across all instructors to ensure developmental appropriateness.

Asynchronous instruction occurs daily and serves as a complement to daily synchronous instruction. Asynchronous learning refers to instruction and learning opportunities that do not feature students and teachers interacting at the same time. Asynchronous learning activities enable students to work at their own pace so they can learn the same material at different time independently.

Daily asynchronous instruction may include, but is not limited to, the following approaches:

  • Video lessons or recorded presentations
  • Activities, assignments or tasks, guided by digital curricula
  • Collaborative documents
  • Discussion boards
  • Email communication
  • Feedback on student learning

Asynchronous instruction should consist of daily tasks or assignments aligned to synchronous instruction as determined by the teacher and informed by student data so that students can work at their own pace. Students with disabilities may have asynchronous instruction that is intended to reinforce, extend or apply their Individualized Education Program goals.


Students will be required to join the Class of 2023 Classroom page. They will use their Barnes Email address. The code to join The Class of 2023 Classroom page is pt2aflo

Use this link to access the classroom page:


For Fully Remote Learners: Attendance will be posted on the Class of 2023 Google Classroom page each morning from 8:10am to 9:00am. Students must complete the attendance form by 9:00am . (No Exceptions)

For Blended/Remote Learners: Attendance will be taken by the teacher on the days the student is present in the building. Days that the students are not present, students must complete the the attendance form on the Class of 2023 Google Classroom page from 8:10am to 9:00am. Students must input their attendance by 9:00am. (No Exceptions)

Directions for completing the Class of 2023 Google Attendance form:

Daily attendance will be posted in the stream and under assignments on the Class of 2023 Google Classroom page.

Each student must enter their name, class and OSIS number and then click submit to enter their attendance.

TextBooks ( For Fully Remote and Blended Students)

All students will be receiving textbooks soon. More information will be shared when available.

Students will also be receiving more information about supplies in the upcoming days.

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