Physical Geo. Of South West Asia

physical Geography

South West Asia has many types of land forms from deserts, steppes, and mountains, to coasts, rivers. the most common thing they have is deserts and bodies of water.
Even though most people think of the Middle East as dry and arid land it has many water bodies including rivers and straits. Also many of the countries are bordered by oceans.The Red Sea runs across the left boarder of Saudi Arabia. The Suez Canal runs through Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea, and it helps with trade around the world.The Strait of Hormuz is between the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. The Gaza Strip is the tiny piece of land east of Israel, north of Egypt, and west of the Mediterranean Sea.
The 3 main rivers are: The Jordan, Euphrates, and the Tigris. Notice how that if you take the first letter of each of them, it spells JET. This is one brilliant way that you can remember the order of the rivers. The west most river is the Jordan River, the one in the middle is the Euphrates, and the eastern most river is the Tigris . It's a very simple way to remember the order of the rivers. This is a picture of the Tigris river