Stella & Dot Team Update

Stunning Stella's

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Happy 2016!! I hope you are off to a fantastic year! I am thrilled to see what this year holds for us! With the stunning Spring line about to debut, things are looking good! We also have our very own team name, we are the Stunning Stella's. Each of you are stunning in all that you do. Thought the name was fitting for a group of women that are motivated, fun, multi-taskers and are always up for a challenge! May 2016 be all that you want it to be and more!

Team Celebrations!

Top in Sales:

Janelle Jensen - 4172 PQV

Top in Trunk Shows -

A tie with 3 trunk shows each for Jessica Duggan & Janelle Jensen!

Way to rock December!!!

2016 Spring Sampling FAQs

I hope you have had an opportunity to watch the Q1 Webinar. I loved seeing all of the new products and I am having a very hard time making up my mind about which pieces to purchases. I guess that's a good problem to have. :) Whether this is your first time, or tenth time sampling read over the FAQs regarding sampling. Let me know if you have additional questions.

When and how will I order the 2016 Spring Collection?

  • All Stylists: On Friday, January 8th once you’ve received your Spring sampling email, qualified Stylists will be able to order samples*. How? Simply go to ORDERS & SHOPPING in your Stylist Lounge>New Line Samples Overview. Add the desired items to cart. Your 50% discount* will automatically apply at checkout. Please note, you may only order 1 quantity of each SKU on all orders combined.

You may place an unlimited number of 50% off retail sample orders through Thursday, January 21st at 9PM PT (limit of 1 quantity per item at sample price). You will also be able to order carry-over samples, at 50% off. Please note that due to inventory there are some carry-over styles that are excluded from the 50% off. Please see the section below regarding excluded styles. Additionally, the 50% off does not apply to Out of Stock styles.

After January 21st, you may continue to purchase samples at your regular Stylist discount of 25% off retail.** Please keep in mind shipping costs are based on the retail amount of the order check the Stylist Shipping Chart in the Stylist Lounge for rates.

*All Stylists who have earned their Stylist Sample Discount will be eligible to sample with their 50% discount.

** Excludes all business supplies, display items and sale SKUS

What’s the Sample Discount Policy?
As part of your Stylist Agreement, you are entitled to enjoy a 25% discount on all Stella & Dot products and accessories. In addition, we offer four Line Launch Sampling Periods to allow our Stylists to purchase new and replenish existing samples* at an additional discount for use at their Trunk Shows. Once you have sold $250 PQV over a calendar quarter, you will earn the ability to purchase samples at a 50% discount during the next Line Launch Sampling Period. Learn more about exceptions and the Sample Discount Policy.

*Excludes Sale Items

What if I earned a STYLEfix pass ($500 for $99)?

First, congratulations!

The $500 STYLEfix Pass

  • During a sampling period, when you are at the step to review your order in your shopping bag, you will see an option to use your STYLEfix Pass. This option will only appear if you have earned the STYLEfix Pass for that sampling period. If you would like to use your STYLEfix Pass in that order, click "Apply Discount".
  • · Once you click "Apply Discount" you will see $500 discounted from your order total, and a charge of $99. Be sure to add at least $500 in product to your cart in order to take full advantage of your discount.
Note - you will only be able to add this STYLEfix Pass to your cart one time!

Can the Items purchased with the Stylefix pass be exchanged?

No. Please choose items that you know you will not return as there are no exchanges for items purchased using your Stylefix pass.

When will I be able to order Spring Look Books?

Look Books will be available for purchase when sampling launches.

When does ordering open for customers?
Customers will be able to place orders from the new line starting Tuesday, January 12th.

Are there any styles excluded from sampling?
To ensure we have the inventory we need to support all of the customer orders you will be placing this spring, the Inventory Planning team has provided the list of styles below that will be excluded from Spring sampling.

  • Paris Trio Earring Set
  • Pegasus – Gold
  • Hudson Tote – Black/Cream
  • Freya Fringe Necklace
  • Sparkle Studs

Additionally, any styles that are Out of Stock are also excluded from sampling. You can find a list of all Out of Stock styles on the Product Alert list on the homepage of your Lounge.

Are any styles late to the party?

As of now all styles are on time and ready for you to sample!

Which samples should I order?
Our Merchandising team has created four recommended sample lists to help guide you. You will be able to find these under ORDERS & SHOPPING>SHOP FOR MYSELF>RECOMMENDED SAMPLES/NEW LINE SAMPLES

Can I use my free Product Credits?
Absolutely! Please note that Product Credits are always applied to the full retail value of the product. Your 50% discount will be applied to the remaining balance.

Tip: When using Product Credits on order using Stylefix Coupon
Please be sure that when you are using product credits on an order that you are using your Stylefix coupon, that you are not applying more product credits than the retail of the order minus your Style fix pass. Doing so may results in not using the full value of the Stylefix pass.

Why does the subtotal in my cart appear at full retail value?
Don’t worry! Your cart subtotal, before discounts and balance, will calculate using the full retail value of the items placed in your cart. But, your Shopping Bag total will calculate with the correct 50% off discount.

How long will it take to receive my samples?
For new product introductions we guarantee to ship your order within 3 days of order date. Please note that selecting expedited shipping services (i.e. overnight) will not speed up the order processing time in the warehouse. From the date your order ships, please allow 3‐5 business days for it to arrive via Standard Shipping. For an additional cost, you may choose an expedited shipping method.

What is the return policy on samples?
Stylist Starter Sample Orders and general New Line Sample Orders are eligible for a refund or exchange within 14 days of the ship date on the original order. If an item is defective or breaks with minimal wear, replacements will be made within 30 days of the ship date on the original order. Due to current system limitations, these refunds need to be processed through a Customer Service representative.

Watch Return Policy:

Two Year Warranty on our Timepiece. In the event of any defects in material or workmanship to the watch movement, hands or dial within the timepiece, the timepiece will be replaced (on us!).

Please note, this limited warranty does not cover batteries, straps, plating, water damage, scratches or any damage arising from normal wear or misuse, or from any alteration, service or repair performed by any third party.

Stylist sample orders of a watch are subject to the above Sample Order Return Policy. Stylist personal orders of a watch are covered by the above Watch Return Policy.

Natural Stone Return Policy:

Jewelry containing natural stone is subject to variations including but not limited to color, shade, particle structure, etc. that naturally occur in the stone. Variation should be expected and is not considered a defect of the product. Like all samples, natural stone products must be returned or exchanged within 14 days of the ship date on the original order.

Dot Dollar Redemption Period

There are just a few days left for your customers to redeem their Dot Dollars. If you know that a customer is not going to use their codes, then you can give the codes to someone else. I contacted everyone on my list on December 28th and I will follow up with those customers again today. I like to offer to place the orders for customers. Lindsay Walsh had a great tip, go after your biggest spenders first.
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2016 Goals

With the beginning of the new year, what are your goals with S & D? Stella & Dot is here to fit in with your life. I want this business to be for you, whatever you want it to be. If your goals are to reach the moon, I am going to gas up your space shuttle! If you want to dance among the stars sometimes, I can help you with that too! Feel free to contact me for some private coaching or goal setting and mapping. No questions is too small, just ask.

January Sign-Up Special

January is a fantastic time to share the opportunity with others. Those that choose to sign-up this month will earn an additional $100 in product credit.
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January Team Incentive

With the beginning of a new year, I thought a little extra incentive for the month would be fun!

Sell 1,500 PQV during this month and you will be sent a package of Stella & Dot's stationary. I love using these for thank you notes.

Sell 2300 PQV during this month and you will be sent the Stella & Dot stationary along with the Stella & Dot mirror. This is a great size mirror to take with you to trunk shows.

Sell 5000 PQV this month, earn the previous two prizes and receive a bag display holder.

Sign-up one stylist (or more) this month and you'll receive an additional prize.