Physical geography of deserst

Location of the Sahara Desert. (Absolute and Relative)

The Sahara covers Northern Africa from 17° 30' W to 51° 30' E, and
from N37° 21' in Tunisia to about S 2°in Somalia

Physical and Human Charasteristics

Very hot and dry most of the year. People use camels to transport supplies through the desert. There's lots of dry wind and hot days. But at night it gets below freezing.

Some photos of the desert

Looks like a fun place to live.

Human and Environment interactions.

People have tried to plant things in the desert and also do thing to try to make the fertile again but no dice. Some people say the land is cursed.

Movement of Peope and Goods

People move materials and supplies on camels. Their hooves make it hard for them to sink into the sand making them ideal for transporting stuff.


I personally think a desert is very hot, dry, and not a fun place to be unless you bring a four wheeler.
The desert is an interesting place. Unusual animals and plants live there and you could learn a lot of things there.


it there's a desert, there's really nothing we can do to make it fertile land again. One thing that we are doing is cutting down trees and killing plants and that make deserts where plants used to be.

What I've Learned

Doing this project I learned that killing off plants in massive amounts will make deserts where there used to be luscious vegetation. This can happen through desertification. This will bring new animals into that area but it'll kill off more than how many it brings in