Animal Rescue

American Humane Association

What this nonprofit organization does/how it helps

The American Humane Association does three things; Rescue animals from storms, shelter animals to become healthier, and help them find a new home if not their original one.

Examples of Their Helping

According to , it states, "The people/volunteers spent over a month sheltering and rescuing animals impacted by the storm. More than 200 animals were reunited with their families or joined with new ones as part of a massive adoption drive, at the end of deployment."

"Worked to rescue animals caught in the historic flooding in Colorado. Red Star® was on the scene working with Boulder County Animal Control and Code 3 Associates, and rescued 146 animals, including dogs, cats, ducks, chickens and turtles. "

Debbie's Story

"In 2010 Debbie who was a worker for the American Humane Association had gotten a call because of a tragic tornado that had happened in Ohio. She had gotten deployed to the site and saw how many animals were left to die under the must. Debbie is a hard worker and she believed that the animals could be rescued, so she went out and started digging under the wreckage. Debbie had saved over 20 animals by herself and she sent them back to the American Humane Association where they were sheltered and adopted as soon as they were clear to go home. Debbie wasn't the only one to go out and save animals, but there were 100+ people. Overall Debbie and the other volunteers saved over 200 animals, but the real help was the American Humane Association which made them stronger than ever before."

You Can Make a Difference

We called a woman who works at the American Humane Association and she told us, that most of the money goes to shelters that helps the animals they rescued. Make a donation now. Animals lives are in danger and it's up to you to help save them from the tragic natural disasters. The association has a charity navigator of 79% to their program, so the money goes to good use and won't be wasted. The American Humane Association is rated 2 out of 4 stars with the highest accountability & transparency.