Illuminate Assessments

How to Create, Scan, Share, and Analyze your Assessments

Step 1: Starting an Assessment

Step 2 – Select the Assessment Type

  • Select Manual/Hybrid Assessment
  • Enter the # of Questions
  • Select Okay

Step 3 – Answer Key & Standards

  • Enter the correct answer for each question
  • (Optional) Select standards that your question assesses
  • Select Save

Step 4 – Print Answer Sheets

  • Go to Administration tab
  • Select Print Answer Sheets


  • Select Print Blank to generate answer sheets where students bubble their own student #
  • Select Generate to produce blank answer sheet

TIP: Download the blank answer document as a PDF for use in the future

Step 5 – Share your Assessment with PLCs and Administrators

  • Go to Setup tab
  • Select Share


  • Select User under the “Share With” option
  • Begin to type the last name of the user whom you wish to share the assessment
  • After all names are selected, select Share at the bottom of the page

Step 6 – Scan your Assessment

Step 6 – Scan your Assessment and Run reports

  • Go to Administration tab
  • Select Scan – make sure camera is connected to device (or select your internal camera to scan)

  • Make sure each score sheet has a student number bubbled on it (or pre-slugged with the student number)
  • Move each score sheet into the camera view
  • When completed, select save and view results

Illuminate Reports

Step 7 - Select Reports to View Results

  • Make sure you are in the assessment for which you want to view reports
  • Go to the Reports tab
  • Expand the section titled "Where Do I Start (for Teachers)?
ILLUMINATE: Create an assessment on the fly, scan, manual input