Nuclear Fusion 12/16/15

My Nuclear Fusion discovery

My discovery

Hello my name is Reed Inman and I have made an amazing discovery. I have discovered how to create unlimited power. My discovery will make it so that we don't need fossil fuels or any other form of creating electricity. The plant will be opening later today in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Limitless Potential

How does it work?

Nuclear fusion creates energy by a nuclear reaction where two atomic nuclei who are moving very fast collide, creating a new atomic nucleus. During this reaction lots energy is given off. This is different from nuclear fission, because in a fission reaction a nucleus is spilt as apposed to being put together. There are relatively no safety risks posed by nuclear fusion. Unlike fission it does not have the potential to melt down and creates easy to manage radioactive waste. My discovery could totally change how energy works today. We would have no need for things like fossil fuel and all of our electricity would be created by fusion. There would be no more wars over oil or things of that nature. It would also totally change the economy because money would no longer be spent on things like oil.