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Keeping the Customer: Advertisement & Marketing

Advertising & Marketing: The number one reason companies all over the world end their days on a bad note is because most people lack the correct advertisement and promotions to keep the customer interested. One way to keep students at A&M buying from us throughout the semester is providing special promotions. This can range from informing the students of special days of the week, for example, on Tuesdays we will happy hour, "Order our SZN Blasts at 1/2 off, only on Tuesdays!" these types of promotions tend to give the customer an excuse to buy. An excuse to buy is by far the best techniques in making money, when you tell your customer that its one time thing, they'll start to convince themselves that, "If not now, then never" eventually leading to a purchase.

Marketing can be tricky with college students. As a current A&M student, I can admit that as I walk through campus I do not pay attention to any signs that students are holding or do I feel that I have enough time to speak to any of them and get information. Why is this? Because students walk with purpose, every student is either walking to class or walking to have lunch, whatever the case may be, students do not pay attention to billboards, we simply do not have time. Mass emails won't do the work either, nobody checks their emails unless they start with a professors name.

How to fix it? Ask yourself this, if you saw flying coffee, would you wonder where its going? Or better yet, where it came from? Of course you would! Our best marketing tool is the service itself. Flying drones, flying coffee, flying baked Alaska, will catch ones attention and whats better than making free money. That is basically what it is. Companies spend millions of dollars on commercials and billboards to get their business out there and all we have to do is sell more deliveries. Our marketing strategy will encourage students through their own curiosity to purchase from us.

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Profit Margin

Let's talk numbers. If we were to sell snacks at a regular price meaning that we would sell chips and things like for at $3 per bag but we would purchase (whole sale) a total of, lets say, 150 bags worth $50 dollars then we would make a total of $400 of profit. Providing a drone service that would cost the customer an upwards of $0.75 per 500 ft. would bring the price up a few dollars. Now, assume that students would order a drink along with their chips, we as the company would look to make a total of $8 per sale. Although it may seem a little expensive for a drink and a bag of chips, the customer will be informed that they are getting their food delivered at hand. Meaning they can be anywhere on campus and order at their liking, at any time.

Our services are not limited to Chips & Drinks. We are far more flexible than that. We plan to provide to the students a various amount of food types, for example, we will provide fountain drinks, dairy treats (milkshakes, ice-cream cones, frozen cookies) and much more. All this will come at different prices. This will come extremely helpful to all students considering that when finals begin and you start realizing that you might not have enough time left in the semester to finish all your dining dollars and meal trades. We will be the easiest and the most feasible way to spend money! All in good cause, and to bring smiles to each and every one of our customers.