CSD Board Briefing

Cambrian School District, December 19, 2019

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Students of the Month

Students of the month for the Cambrian School District were recognized at the Board meeting. These students were chosen for their outstanding achievements, attitude and contributions to their schools. They are:

Shaheer Amerkhail, grade 6 & Nereyda Marin-Barraza, grade 8- Price Middle School

Amelia Martorano, grade 5- Sartorette Elementary School

Camila Castro, grade 3- Fammatre Elementary School

Jack Reifschneider, grade 3- Bagby Elementary School

Jennie Xie, grade 6- Steindorf STEAM School

Reira Sakai, grade 4- Farnham Elementary School

Good Apple Awards

Several outstanding individuals were recognized for extraordinary contributions to the Cambrian School District. They were:

Kate Brown- Farnham: Schools rely on parents to assist with a myriad of details and tasks. Kate Brown is one of those parents. Kate initiated a Warm Coat Drive for the Farnham community and was wildly successful in collecting over 400 items from our school community during the two-week period! Kate has a desire to have our students support our community and is willing to step in and fill the need, without a second thought. Kate has also taken on the role of Farnham Representative for the Cambrian Education Foundation. Most recently, she supported the CEF with the Family Coding Night at Farnham.

Brad Feller- Steindorf: Brad created the amazing haunted house. He basically lived at Steindorf from 3 pm Thursday, October 11th through 3 pm on Saturday, October 13th, creating the Haunted House. He spent hours creating the layout, moving stuff from storage, and working to make the house the right level of spooky. He worked the Haunted House for the entirety of the Fall Festival event and once it was all over, spent hours Saturday night and Sunday morning breaking down all of his hard work and boxing it up for next year and helping return their classrooms to their pre-Haunted House state. Thanks Brad!

Fabrice Gaultrier & Joy Wang: Sartorette: Joy and Fabrice Gautier exemplify the amazing, diversity-rich Sartorette community. Joy, a NICU nurse by profession, who teaches nursing at San Jose State School of Nursing, is a natural when it comes to assisting our students, teachers, and other parents/guardians on almost anything and everything. Joy was instrumental in making Sartorette’s Fall Book Fair a huge success. Fabrice is Sartorette’s Home & School Club Auditor, as well as the school's talented marquee manager.

Heidi Druist & Lacy Derringer- Fammatre- The Scholastic Book Fair is a much-anticipated event that comes to Fammatre each year. Thanks to the extraordinary work of parent volunteers such as Heidi Druist, Lacy Derringer, and Alison Wortman, Fammatre students will benefit directly from the book fair. As a result of selling over $10,000 in books and merchandise, the Fammatre Library received about $4,800 in Scholastic Dollars. Additionally, over $400 in new books were donated to Toys for Tots.

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They Led The Pledge!

Thank you to Price Middle School students Jini Chon (7th grade) Gabriella Wong (6th grade) and Filip Buca (8th grade) for leading the Pledge of Allegiance at the Governing Board Meeting. Great job! (seen here with Superintendent Dr. Carrie Andrews)

First Interim Budget Report 2019-20

CSD Chief Financial Officer Penny Timboe presented the first interim budget report for the 2019-20 school year. The first interim budget report is based on actual expenditures through October 31, 2019. The District continues to experience financial hardships largely due to the effects of declining enrollment and lack of significant state funding per student. In the 1st Interim report presented the projected deficit for 2019-20 is $1.5M. The trend of deficit spending continues in the subsequent two years of the Multi-Year Projection 2020-22 at the rate of $1.7M in 2020-21 and $717K for 2021-22 even with the substantial reductions presented, approved and included in the Fiscal Stability Plan.

This plan will be submitted to the County Office of Education with this Interim report as a means to ensure that we can meet our state-required 3% reserve in the Budget and two subsequent years. The changes outlined in the 1st Interim are largely related to decreases in LCFF revenues due to declining enrollment and increases in expenditures due to negotiated salary increases. On a positive note, there have been added revenues for 2019-20 for preschoolers with IEP’s (one-time dollars), a small increase in AB602 Special Education funding, and the addition of a new funding stream through the Medi-Cal reimbursement process. Although these changes may not be material in nature, they collectively help to alleviate the financial struggle the District is currently experiencing.

Other adjustments have been made for salary and benefit changes related to current staffing as well as negotiated increases that were not in the adopted budget (June 20, 2019). Carryover dollars have been allocated and expensed where appropriate and are anticipated to be fully expended by year-end (June 30, 2020). As the District continues to work through these financial challenges, the Board and staff will be evaluating the Fiscal Stability Plan through discussion with Administrative staff, bargaining unit leadership and the newly formed Budget Advisory Committee as a means to achieve a sustainable action plan that works to balance the budget and move us from the cycle of year over year reductions and budget volatility.

Please click the following link to review the first interim budget report: First Interim Budget Report 2019-20

To view the CSD budget fiscal stability plan, click the following link: Budget Fiscal Stability Plan

2020-21 School Year Calendar

District Staff recommended a potential school calendar for the 2020-2021 school year. The Governing Board of Trustees reviewed the proposed calendar and will vote on it at the January 16, 2020 meeting. To view the proposed calendar click here: 2020-21 School Year Calendar

Health Benefit Pool for 2020

The Governing Board voted to adopt the Insurance pool for 2020 for the Unrepresented Management, Supervisory, Confidential Employees and other applicable individuals. The District, the Cambrian District Teachers Association, and the California School Employees Association, Chapter 641, have already entered into a Memorandum of Understanding regarding health benefits pool for all other groups. Since the proposal was approved the District may provide a health insurance pool intended to offset the employee contribution towards health care premiums incurred by eligible school employees who elect family health and welfare plans with premiums above the District’s premium contribution cap. Employees who enroll in single or two party health and welfare plans costs fall below the cap, as a result, those employees do not have a contribution to make towards their health and welfare benefits. Employees who enroll in the family health and welfare benefit plans are required to make a contribution towards the cost of their health and welfare plans, which cost more than the District cap pays for. After open enrollment, the District will calculate the cost difference between the cost of all District employees who enroll in single health and welfare benefit plans or two party health and welfare benefit plans that fall below the District’s health and welfare benefit cap of $14,400.00 and the cap itself. The funds remaining in this “pool” shall be used to help offset the District employee contributions towards health and welfare benefits made by District employees enrolled in the family health and welfare benefits plans.

Please click here to review Health Benefit Pool information for 2020: Health Benefit Pool for 2020

Board Calendar for 2020-21

The Governing Board of Trustees discussed and approved the proposed Board Calendar for the 2020 school year, with the addition of a meeting on August 13, 2020. Click the following link to review the dates: Board Calendar for 2020.

Annual Developer Fees Report 2018-19

The Board of Trustees annually review revenue and expenditures of money collected through development fees. The annual report was presented by CFO Penny Timboe and approved by the Governing Board. To view the report please click the following link: Annual Developer Fees Report 2018-19.

Election of Board Members

The Governing Board of Trustees elected a new Board President, Vice President, and Board Clerk for 2020. Mr. Randy Scofield was elected Board President, Mr. Doron Aronson was elected Vice President and Mrs. Janet Borrison was elected Board Clerk for 2020. To review the policy information for these roles in the District, please click the following links:

Organizational Meeting: Election of Board President (Cambrian Board Policy 9120 and 9313)

Organizational Meeting: Election of Board Vice President (Cambrian Board Policy 9120 and 9313)

Organizational Meeting: Election of Board Clerk (Cambrian Board Policy 9120 and 9313)

New Job Description: Coordinator of Extended Care Programs

Cambrian School District will start an extended care program in 2020-21 school year. In order to be successful, CSD must have the right staff to run the program. The Board approved the Coordinator of Extended Care Programs job description in order for staff to move ahead with the program. To review the job description for this new position, please click the following link: New Job Description: Coordinator of Extended Care Programs

Board Policy Updates Related to Student Use of Technology

The Governing Board reviewed the first reading of the proposed updates to three Board policies and procedures related to student use of technology. To review the proposed updates, please click the following links:

Draft Policies and Procedures

Californina School Board Association Governance Team Learning

The Governing Board of Trustees attended the California School Board Association conference in San Diego in early December. Board members reported on valuable information and resources they discovered at the conference. Click this link to read the detailed information from their conference.

Next Board Meeting

The Cambrian School District Board of Trustee will hold the next meeting on Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Professional Development Center at the District office, 4115 Jacksol Drive. The public is encouraged to attend each of this meeting.

Holiday Break

Cambrian Schools will be closed Monday, December 23 - Friday, January 3. Schools will be resume Monday, January 6, 2020. Have a wonderful break and we look forward to seeing you back Monday, January 6, 2020.

Open Positions in Cambrian School District

Interested in working within the Cambrian School District? We have openings, in food service, buildings and grounds, noon duty supervisors, resource specials, special education instructional aide, substitute custodian, substitute teachers, substitute food service, substitute special education instructional aide, and special education program specialist. For a complete listing, click here.