The Story of the Universe

Sana & Asra

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The Beginning

The universe and everything in it started with the The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory caused the universe to form, 13.8 billion years ago. Georges Lamatire first proposed the theory in 1927.

The First Formations

  • Hydrogen atoms were first formed 13.76 billion years ago, and they were the start of our universe.
  • Then the center of our solar system, the sun, was created 5.01 billion years ago.
  • The formation of the first cell, prokaryote, was 3.72 billion years ago.

Getting Ready For Life

  • Today, we are most reliant on oxygen.
  • Oxygen was absent during the earth's early stages of formation, 4.61 billion years ago.
  • The Oxygen level began to increase 3.3 billion years ago due to Photosynthesis.
  • 3.72 billion years ago, the first cell was created (Prokaryote).

The Cambrian Explosion

  • During this relatively short evolutionary era, the most major animal phyla came into existence (Arthropod).
  • They were discovered because of Charles Darwin.
  • There were 5 major extinctions about 25 to 450 billion years ago.
  • Life has existed for about 35% of the time of the universe's history.