Leonard Bernstein

Patrick Tadrous

Twentieth Century

I think Leonard Bernstein is worthy of study because it is interesting to know how a person is life was back then. For example, he played the piano. I wonder what pianos looked back then. I think it is cool to know how did he get inspired to make him play the piano and how he started to get better at it. I really think that his songs are really good and they make the people feel alive and makes them hyper. Also I think his band has kept the beat and was really good and I can tell by hearing his band preform I can tell that they practiced for a long time. He is one of the best composers that I have heard. He died on october 14 1990.


Leonard Bernstein (1918-90), creator of the Broadway masterpiece, West Side Story, was the best loved and most successful conductor of his generation. He inspired fellow American musicians, being the first native American to direct a major American orchestra.


"When I'm with composers, I say I'm a conductor. When I am with conductors, I say I am a composer." Leonard Bernstein.

Fun Fact

He wrote at least 5 songs and West Side Story really inspired me and I thought it was great.