Danielle Stretzer

An Introduction for EDU620

Professional Goals

I currently work in education as an admissions counselor. I have very little teaching experience: I tutored in college and was a Sunday School teacher for a few years in college. However, teachers had a huge impact in my life, and I have always loved being in the educational environment. Right now, my professional aspiration is to gain some teaching experience after earning my Master's degree. After teaching for two or so years, I may decide to try to teach online. However, I am a woman of varied interests, and this plan could change tomorrow or the next day!

Assistive technology

I am not very familiar with assistive technology. I know of text-to-audio apps and audio-to-text apps. I know of some games for younger students that respond to their levels of understanding. I am not sure if that counts as an assistive technology or not. In this course, I hope to become much more familiar with the types of technology out there that may be beneficial to students!

Technology in Education

I would not be able to be earning my Master's degree right now if it weren't for advances in technology! I need to work full-time currently to support myself and my family. I don't think I would be successful trying to drag myself to a campus after work in order to complete my degree. I do wish that I had learned more about technology and how to best utilize it at a younger age. For this reason, I think it is a great idea to introduce technology to students of all ages.